Do you think would it be beneficial if human go to extinction?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Yes, It Would Be beneficial

    It would be extremely beneficial for the earth if humans went extinct. We have done unthinkable damage to the Earth, And as an earth lover and environment respecting person, It makes me very sad to think about. Our oceans have been filled to the brim with plastic and other trash, And our climate change continues to be a threat. We have pushed many animals to the brink of extinction, All for our selfish desires. But if humans disappeared, The Earth would be like earth again. Lush forests, Perfect temperatures, Thriving animals. The earth would have a chance to heal itself.

  • Should human go to extinction? Absolutely they should

    Human are disgusting ruthless species who ruin and harm everything around them. We not only harm our earthling animals, But we also harm each other.

    Extinction of human would not only be beneficial to animals and to mothernature, But also to human as well in a way that it avoid and prevent further human suffering and by casualities in way that it put an end to wars, Genocide, Violent crimes, Unlawful killings, Poverty, Terrorism, Famine. . . Etc

    No humans also equivalent to no atrocities and exploitation.

    We must not forget that we are share similar traits and the same basic need with animals. The only biggest difference between us and them, Is that we are smarter than them but that doesnt give us a right to oppress and exploit them.

    Human as well as animals cannot survive without oxygen, Food, Water so human should stop being such an arrogant prick!

    One day, Not in far future, If we don't stop polluting the air and water, One day we would eventually die out as those are basic need for survival.

    Some people argue thay humans are good because we invent technology but the technology that we currently using are not beneficial or helping the earth.

    If we continue to destroy the earth, She will destroy us back.
    The impact that our mother nature will harm us could be devastating and there is nothing that we could defend against her.

    Yes we are the smartest on this planet but definetly not the smartest species on the universe.

    For instance there are many things that we could not invent with the knowledge of our technology. For instance, We still couldn't invent interstellar travel that could travel lightspeed or jump into hyperspace.

    Whereas perhaps in other exoplanet, Aliens could. If aliens see us they would viewed us as the most dumb species ever.

    For this reason human should go to extinct in order to save other species and save themselve from atrocities and harm.

    Some people might feel uncomfortable with we are dying out but i do not.

    If we all die out, Our soul might reincarnate in other species that are intelligent and better and thougtful than human.

    Eventhough i am not a religious person but i do believe in philosophy and afterlife.

  • Sadly, It would

    Not for humans, Obviously, But for the rest of nature. Humans have done so much to foul up this planet with our garbage, Our climate change, Our deforestation etc etc etc. If humans went extinct, Our planet will remain tainted from all we have done a few centuries more, But will get back on track as the rest of the animal kingdom, And the plants, And the fungi, And the singe-cell organisms thrive in our absence, And even our microscopic bits of plastic FINALLY biodegrade.

  • Yes mankind extinction would be the best but reducing human population would provide a a slight moderate benefit

    Whether you like it or not, Mankind will become extinct along with other sentinent beings if we continue to demolish the environment and eco system as our lethal behavior could make the earth no longer habitable to support or sustain life.

    Soon, The earth would become like mars if we keep cutting or burning down forest as if forest no longer exist in the future the land could be quickly converted to desert and no life could survive without the forest.

    Why? Because forest are very vital for the eco system as it produce oxygen and absord carbon dioxid. Destroying the forest would emit carbon dioxid to the air, And if the atmosphere mostly consist of carbon dioxid than oxygen, Everyone would die as we would slowly chock to death.

    Nobody can survive if little or no oxygen is left.

    Not only forest provide oxygen but it also provide food and water. If all forest were being destroyed, We would starve to death as little to no food or water is left.

    And lastly forest also absorb water as well. If forest were gone, There would be no trees to absorb or stored water and this could result in massive flood and mudslides causing countless death of people and animals.

    But this just some aspect that i point out what human have done to earth.

    Not only we do cause deforestation but climate change as well. Scientist predict that if the globe keep warming up it would result in complete melt down of glacier cap ice which can cause several cities and places to go underwater.

    For these reason human should go to extinct if we do not or are not willing to limit or reduce population.

    It is disgusting and abhorrent that people want to f**k and produce babies. There are plently of birth control method to avoid pregnancy but most of us we just cannot control our genital.

    Oh yeah, Most men don't want to wear condom because they feel like when they cum inside a women's pussy would be more joyful without using condom. For me, The first time when i have sex with my girlfriend would be little to no difference with or without condom but when i always use condom because i don't want to have kids.

    Oh yeah, And people want to eat meat because they think that meat is tasty which in fact meat is the most unhealthy and poision diet you can have.

    I am a vegan and i would prefer eating beyond burger, Than eating real meat. For me eating meat taste like shit.

    Again, For all these reason people are simply selfish and inconsiderate. Indeed we do know and acknowledge the consequences of our action but most of us just turn a blind eye.

    For this reason, Human should die off and go to extinction in order for the planet to be a better place.

  • Are there any advantage of human going to extinct? Ofcourse. What kind of question is this. .

    This question is silly as it seems, Because the answer is quite obvious without doubt that human going to extinct would provide huge a privelege to earth.

    Just like stephannoi said, What does people help or do something to save the planet? Nothing. We are inherently evil by nature and are destructive to other species and even self destructive to our species itself.

    First of all if human go to extinct, Eco system would be restored to normal as there would be no deforestation, Atmosphere and ocean would be less polluted and animals species would be able to reproduce at normal rate without the human invasion on their land and residence.

    The answer to this question is very clear that human are an deadly disease to earth. Most of people are simply ignorant or don't want to be educated about the climate change and global warming.

    If we would be more concern and pay attention about the environmental effect, The world won't be so messed up. But unfortunately the sad reality isn't like that.

    For instance, We know and acknowledge that amazon rainforest produce 20 % of oxygen to earth and it is very essential for all living organism to survive, Since we cannot survie without oxygen.

    Instead of appreciating and protect the remarkable heritage of amazon rainforest, We keep destroying and burning it just because the greedy agriculture business want to clear out the land mostly for cattle ranching just to meet the global demand of beef.

    However i could tell you that meat is not necessary for survival.

    Me, Personally i am a vegan and i don't die from not eating meat. In fact i am very healthy and fit and many vegans are alike me.

    People are just inconsiderate and careless but whenever hurricane or natural disaster affected them, They are cry out for help and wondering why it keep affecting them.

    Last but not least if there were fewer or no people exist, The world could become much more peaceful and harmony as there would be no wars and genocide. This could save countless of innocent lives being unfairly taking away for no good reason.

    The most disgusting part of human nature, Is that we kill each other for no reason but greed, Anger, And vengeance.

    In animal kingdom, They do kill and prey on each other but they predator prey because for their survival and for their food.

    Humans do not kill other human for survival or for food.

    To sum up, We are the worst species and the most scum on this earth.

    Earth don't need us but we need earth.

    However human should abandon the earth or go to extinct in order for the mother nature for her to be delightful and peaceful.

    Plead vote yes. We can all make a change.

  • Yes extinction of human would provide huge advantage more than you realize it

    Yes human without doubt deserve to go to extinct. What does have we done anything good to our beautiful planet? Nothing. We only ruin the eco system, Causing global warming and cause massive extinction of several animal species because of our selfishness and greed. People think that we are above all of the sentinent being on earth which in reality we aren't. We must not forget that we are animals too and we share similar traits and basic need of othther non-human species which is food, Water, Air, . . . Etc

    But we ruin everything. Mother nature definitely don't need human and she would be much more pleasant without existence of human beings.

    For the matter of fact, Human need to go to extinct in order to save planet

  • Humans are rad

    Humans are my favorite animal. We should be more responsible and careful with our beautiful world, But hell no it would not be better if we were extinct. We only have the problems we do because we are so sensitive to one another that we run amok. What other life-form is so kind and empathetic? Nature is both beautiful and ugly, But only humans can even see this, Let alone rise above it and make things better. We're certainly not the only creature that has unsustainable population blooms.

    . . . Also most of these answers are written by the same person. New accounts, Fake sounding names, And written in the same choppy style. I like this site but it's really wide open to weird experimentation and even trolls.

  • You set yourselves to fail

    Without humans earth will lose her best defenders. Meteors will destroy the earth. Animals like little doggies will be eaten and alone with no friends. Plant life will die,

    Without humans plants will go barren and animals will die out. Stop being like children and grow up earth needs people to stop this mess humans made.

  • No because in the future we are heading in the right direction

    Those who vote yes ignored and overlook the fact that we are heading in the right direction because in the future with our advancement of technology, This could combat global warming and climate change.

    For instance, In future, Scientist has predicted that cars will use electricity instead of petroleum as well as most of our energy resources will be from renewable, Mostly from solar energy.

    This is actually a very good news as petroleum and fossil fuels are the biggest contributor to global warming and climate change.

    The main reason why because there are not enough fossil fuels resources and nowadays it nearly completely cease to exist.

    I have heard a lot of counter argument from people about technology. Many of them often have negative viewpoint and criticise as it being the root cause of climate change which in reality it is totally the opposite.

    Advancement of technology provide us a huge advantage in many aspect and it can be a great tool to solve the global warming crisis.

    Technology has both pros and cons but it depend on the intelligence of people on how they utilize them.

    But however indeed i do strongly agree with the viewpoint of the yes voters, Arguing that human activity are funneling climate change, It's pretty obvious, There is nothing to argue against the claim.

    I also do strongly agree that meat industry are largely responsible for causing environmental destruction.

    Actually on the top of that, The number one contributor of global warming is the meat industry.

    Lots of studies prove that livestock animals (especially cattle) produce more methane gases that is more potent than carbon monoxide and the volume of gases that they produce is 5 times greater than all public transportation combined.

    Also it is also true that cattle ranching are also largely responsible for deforestation.

    But however, Like fossil fuels, Traditional meat would be no longer sustainable in the future. Soon traditional meat will be replaced by clean meat( lab grown meat) or plant based meat as part of our diet. According to some studies i have heard, It says that in year 2050 world population will go veganism. I am not sure if its true, But its a prediction from scientist.

    Why? Simply because its impossible that raising livestock animals for food could be sustainable in the long run as when the human population grows at alarming rate, There won't be enough food and water to feed livestock animals.

    Studies shown that livestock animals consume water and animals much more than people.

    Not only that but worst than that, They also appear to produce waste much more than people. Think about the feces from the animals where it all goes? Of course it poured into rivers and lakes.

    I do strongly think that human are disgusting abhorrent species for whatever they have done but nevertheless i do not believe that future generation would cause as much harm as this generation and therefore they should not go to extinct.

  • Humans extinction = Extinction of earth itself

    Humans have created huge mess in this world! Yes, That is the reason humans should be alive. Humans are very special species. There is no such species in the world which can be so special and shit at the same time.

    Lets think for a while, What if humans go extinct? What could be the consequences?

    Nuclear Power Plants! Beautiful technology, Amazing way to produce electricity. The amount of radiation that could go out if humans are extinct is unimaginable. Remember Chernobyl? If that could happen because of one reactor, We have 450+ operating reactors. If humans aren't alive, World we face extinction too.

    I conclude by saying, Humans should not face extinction because if they do the earth will face the same. Humans should live forever for have created their own mess.

  • Yes i admit that human have cause more harm than good but however we provide a small benefit to earth which you may overlook

    In my opinion, We don't deserve to go to extinct or die off just the outcome of the action of some group people that inflict harm on earth.

    However, You must not generalize all people and put them into category of villain or bad people.
    Generalization is a bad conclusion but that doesn't mean there are no correlation between human activity and global warming.

    Yes unfortunately, We cause harm more than good but on the other hand there are also good people out there who may love the planet, Are vegan, And love animals and environment. But sadly these people are often not heard and they are often not mainstream in the media.

    However, We as human, We can make a difference and changes.

    First of all as mention above on my title, There are small benefit that we provide to earth for instance, If there were no humans exist, Nothing could prevent an massive asteroid that could potentially wipe out the entire living organism on earth. Think about dinosaurs when they went to extinction!

    But we, Humans, We have invent an outstanding technology that could predict and destroy an asteroid before it could hit on earth.

    Not only that but technology also provide us weather forecast and useful medicine that could save many lives.

    However technology have pros and cons. Everything in this world has pros and cons.

    The sad part is that human also accelerated global warming and climate change.

    I do agree very much with the yes voters that they mention that meat industry is the biggest contributor of global warming, There is no doubt about that.

    But however as scientist has predicted, Not so far future like in the year 2050 almost all people would go vegan because the current traditional meat is unsustainable. As the world population grows rapidly, Meat harvest from livestock animals can no longer feed the world population.

    Even if we cleared out rainforest for land but still there won't be enough room for cattle as if the global demand of beef grows.

    My solution to global warming crisis, Would be that people should go vegan or reduce eating meat, Or people should not produce many children as if the population grows, It could ruin the habitation of the wild animals which could result in massive of extinction of many wild animals species.

    The one child policy would be very idealistic and it should be implemented all over around the world as it would discourage people from having more than one child.

    There are plenty of solution to global warming if we all need to cooperate and find a solution this problem.

    However that mean that people need to educated and strongly encourage not to engage in activity that could unnecessary inflict harm upon the environment and animals.

  • NO It AINT

    While humans are currently hurting the planet significantly, Killing ourselves is NOT the solution. We forget that humans are a part of nature, And instead of extinguishing humans we need to remember we are one with nature. I may sound like a hippy but I'm right. We should stop focusing on destruction!

  • You people have been brainwashed

    How much carl sagan and ted turner have you watched. Captain planet was made to indoctrinate kids and convince them that death is the answer.
    By the way they were horrible people who hated everyone and were had twisted realities.

    The math does not add up. Forests do not return on their own. Small populations do not breed themselves back. They need humans to do it.
    You sick people want to genocide innocent people for a goal that cannot be achieved without humans. If you care so much then why don't you start with yourself

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