• Xiaomi smart phones will sell in America.

    Xiaomi smart phones will sell in America. Americans are looking for phones that are popular and accessible. Since Xiaomi is now the third largest phone manufacturer in the world, that means that they are coming in as a powerhouse that can compete with the likes of Apple and Android. Now it is only a matter of time to see how long they will take to establish themselves as a strong company and begin to make a profit.

  • Millions of Xiaomi Smartphones have sold all over the world

    According to, Xiaomi is on the top 10 best smartphones list, for the whole world. While there are thousands of other brands, Xiaomi ranks in the top 10 overall. Xiaomi smartphones have sold in China, where they were originally produced, India (where over 1 million have been sold), and many other countries throughout the world. Even though individuals in America may be against buying a cell phone that is specifically from a Chinese company, if Xiaomi has such success in other countries, it would be no surprise if they find success in the American market as well.

  • No, Xiaomi smart phones will not sell in the U.S.

    The U.S. consumer market is difficult to break into for any company. This is no less true for the smart phone market, with the huge roles played by the main players, Apple and Android. For Xiaomi to make a dint, they'll have to convince consumers that their product is worthwhile, and developers that their products are worth creating apps and services for. If Amazon has not been able to do this with any great success, how does Xiaomi think that it will fare?

  • No Xiaomi smartphone will not sell in the US

    The US market for smartphone sales is already over supplied. There is not room for a new retailer to successfully enter the market. The only that would have is over supply and price wars. Good for the consumer but a disaster for the manufacturers, retailers and cellular service providers in the marketplace.

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