• It's good, you just need to get used to it

    Most of the people saying no have never been in a year-round school. Year-round deceased stress for me by giving you a 3 week break in the middle of the traditional school year. It makes the most of space by rotating classrooms and using the school all the time (for multi tracks) and studstudies have proven it to be a more effective way to learn. You can plan a vacation, you don't need more than 3 weeks off at a time. Students lose information from the previous year by having 3 months off. Traditional school schedules were created around farming, something that is no longer a major influence in society (still very important, but a system from the 1800s shouldn't still be in place today).

  • It is a really good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is a good idea because you'd learn more so you would be able to apply yourself into more jobs. Also because you would still know a lot after summer break. Plus it would let your parents have more time to plan vacations during current school breaks. That is why I think it is a good idea.

  • Yes yes yes

    I think year round schooling would be a good idea because it helps students that forget things over the summer break because it has an even amount of school time and an even amount of vacation time.Also some people think its too much but its actually just enough for your education.

  • School round school is way way way better

    For 1 students tend to forget a lot during the summer break!
    For 2 More use of building space,or otherwise we are wasting building space.
    And For 3 Many teachers have to take lower income jobs because they didn't make enough money through the year!
    That's the End Of The Discussion

  • Uh hell yeah

    Electronics rot kids brains over the summer not to mention any free time they have. Kids need more education than they have right now. So yeah year-round education. It's better brain food for kids than stupid electronics with music, games, and youtube on tablets, phones, xboxes, computers, and stupid ps4's.

  • Education is balder

    Because it is baller. It helps the kids with education and shorter summer so they wont forget. And so the teachers don't have to waste here time teaching something the kids already know. It helps the kids with there GPA and there grades to get into schools and be able to get smarter.

  • Yes, Year-round schools would teach students more efficiently

    Sometimes students forget some of what they learned in the
    school year over the long vacation. Then, when school resumes, teachers have the
    time-wasting task of refreshing students’ memories before beginning on new
    material. Many subjects, but math and language in particular, build on old
    knowledge in such a way that it is almost impossible for students to learn now
    material without a firm grasp of previous concepts, and this grasp may loosen
    over the summer holiday. Schools that stay in session all year would teach
    students more efficiently, and waste less time.

  • Yes, year round school is a great idea.

    Year round school is a great idea. It will help America's children become smarter. With year round education, students can become smarter by the time they finish grade school. This will allow children to become more prepared for college and beyond. A smarter America is a better America. I hope this happens.

  • Yes. It's a great idea.

    Year-round school is a great idea. I believe educating our children all year round would better our education system and make students smarter. It would lead to a smarter America and would give our young children to correct tools to make this country better. The future is in the young and we need them to be as smart as possible.

  • No way Jose!

    Year round school is a big no! This would cause so many problems, starting with money. For example, from April to July 2013 the number of employed youth 16-24 years old increased from 2.1 million to 19.7 million. This shouldn't be messed with because businesses need students to work to make money. Another example is that some parents can not pay the bills so they need their teens to help out. Everyday, after school Victor Gonzalez from St. Cloud flips burgers, salts fries, and swaps the tiled decks from 4pm to closing. When payday comes around he doesn't pocket his $5.50, he hands it over to his mom so she can pay the bills.

  • No, kids need summer break

    Summer is meant for fun, period. Kids need a break from studying. A year-round school year would be too tiring, stressful, and depressing for the students. Even kids who like school (if there are such kids) would be worn out by these endless classes. Besides, some kids take jobs in summer.

  • Year-round school is not a good idea.

    Students would be overly stressed if they had to be in school all year round. It's important for them to have a break in the summer to relax. Also, there are other activities besides school work that are important for a child's development. Summer camps and other activities can be just as educational as traditional school.

  • NO We Should Not Have Year Round School.

    Year round school is a bad idea. Teenagers looking for a job will have trouble finding one. Students will be bored. It is hard to plan a vacation. There will be staffing issues and, janitorial issues. Parents see Children less. Summer time programs will suffer. There are also maintenance costs. The worst part is the idea of year round school is trending in school districts.

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  • Um people actually said yes!!

    As an 8th grader I have to say I like school. But every June I look very forward to a nice 2 months of to enjoy life with my family, friends and pool. SUMMER IS HOT! Imagine 30 kids packed into a room learning in the heat. It's torture really no one student nor teacher would focus on working because they would be too damn hot. Summer is a time to actually enjoy life with the important factors of it. Family and friends. So I say no to year round school on behalf of myself my mother( a para) and students everywhere

  • No education will suffer

    I do not think that year round school is a good idea. I think that education will suffer as a result. Kids are kids and should be allowed to stay kids. If they have no summer vacation you are taking away a big part of being a kid. With nothing to look forward to performance in school is going to drop.

  • Year-Round School a Bad Idea

    Year-round school isn't a terrible idea, but most students can't deal with the pressures of attending school throughout the year. Plus, most students are used to traditional schooling that involves a summer break, so switching them over would be difficult. The current school system should be kept in place instead.

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