Do you think Yellowstone will erupt in your lifetime?

Asked by: Charliemouse
  • Yes it will

    this link, and many others such as

    these are just a few, most of these reports have been blocked in America and newones are hastily blocked and hidden by USA but I have been able to see these and many more, I hope these links work. I came across this because an American friend saw news of this just half an hour before the site was blocked. This suggests further that America has something to hide. And the saddest thing is that they will only evacuate after the blast, rather than before. And if you google this I bet you'll come up with websites full of sugar coated facts and underestimations as well as disclaims by all kinds of scientists

  • It most likely won't.

    Yellowstone national park may erupt someday, and it will be potentially terrible when it does. But it probably won't happen in my lifetime, or my kids lifetime... Or their great great grandchildren's lifetime.

    It's not going to be overdue for close to 90,000 years. And that's simply when it BEGINS to be overdue, not when it is expected to erupt.

    There are no animals "fleeing" the park in anticipation of the supposed eruption.

    There is no continued or unusual seismic activity to indicate an imminent eruption.

    There is NO contingency plan for evacuating those of us caught in the path of the eruption. (Where would we even go? Planes can't fly in ash and the majority of the country would be grounded within hours)

    Any who chooses to believe in less than reputable news sources do so because they WANT to buy into the sensationalism and the "Government knows all, Government sees all" mantra that conspiracy theorists always spew. You may believe it at your discretion, but I won't allow it to be spread as fact.

    Hate to break it to ya, but our government had trouble getting fresh water into New Orleans after Katrina hit, and that was an isolated, relatively small, and prepared for disaster.

    If you've got some inkling that a supervolcano under Yellowstone is going to erupt and you live anywhere east of Wyoming, you best start looking for jobs in a sunny, English speaking country.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-09T15:48:06.023
Were I am all we need to survive neuclear winter are wind turbines and UV lamps .
Formerland1 says2014-07-09T15:49:23.227
It is possible it will erupt in my lifetime ( about 100 years from now ) but volcanoes do do very strange things sometimes it could erupt today or in 1000 years .