• We are our own worst critics.

    Yes, I think I am too hard on myself, but I think most people are. We are under a lot of pressure to perform, and to achieve high standards, and we tend to be our own worst critics, and expect ourselves to always perform better then we are already doing.

  • I am hard on myself

    I am very hard on myself, i set standards for my life very high and find myself very disappointed and let down when i am not able to meet my goals. I often talk down to myself and about myself because I am far to much of a perfectionist and i am entirely too hard on myself .

  • Everyone is hard on themselves, it's a basic human trait.

    The old saying that I've heard goes "We are our harshest critics." It's natural to be tough on ourselves, because our perceptions are shaped by what other people tell us we are. And we are, by human nature, very insecure to start with. Finding a balance between self esteem and reality is crucial, though.

  • People are tough on themselves

    I am hard on myself. There is no tougher critic for myself than me. This is because I know what I can accomplish and when I do not do that, I feel bad abut myself. People should not be so hard on themselves if they try their best and do better next time.

  • I have worth

    People want to be my friend, people want to date me, people really seem to like me. I hate myself, though, and whenever I get close to someone I start revealing all of my insecurities and lashing out at either them or myself - or both. I don't think I'm a functional human being, I just feel like I'm good at playing one. Yet people want to stick around. Maybe I should consider why.

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