• Yes, you can trust somebody who practices alternative medicine.

    I definitely think you can trust a practitioner of complementary and alternative medicine. I think that it all depends on the person. There are some doctors in the traditional medical field who can be untrustworthy as well. I think that a person should do their research and homework first before taking any treatment.

  • Just don't expect to be healed.

    Yes, I think that you can trust a practitioner of complementary and alternative medicine, because they are sincerely trying to help someone who has asked for their help. It is just important to understand that they are what they are. Their treatments probably cannot do what modern medicine can do.

  • I tend to not trust anything not mainstream.

    I personally do not trust complementary or alternative medicine practitioners. I've seen too many media accounts of people getting ripped off by unethical practices. And I have not seen any published papers touting the successes of either of these types of medicine. I will just stick to my traditional family physician.

  • If the practice isn't supported by science, it's not trustworthy.

    Alternative medical practices often prey on those who either have or believe they have no hope. In general, these business fall under the "can't hurt" category, but the question is whether they can actually help. If they can't help, then they're a waste of money. It's best to stick with science and treat alternative medicine as a novelty, like the astrology forecasts in the newspaper.

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