• Yes, I could kill somone to save the lives of others.

    Yes, I could kill to save lives. For instance, if an individual was commiting a shooting in a mall, and I so happened to be carrying a concealed weapon, I would fire upon the individual without hesitation to save innocent lives. I believe my ability to do so would improved by the present of innocent lives, especially those of women and children.

  • Killing Someone In Defense Can Be Necessary

    In my opinion, there are certain instances where murder is justified. For example, if I was going to save an entire school of children, I would definitely kill another person. When given the opportunity to save many lives, it is okay to take one, especially someone armed and dangerous. Children and women are more inclined to be saved than dangerous men.

  • The greater good.

    Yes, I think I could kill someone to save the lives of other people, because it would be doing the most for the greater good. Yes, especially if the person was trying to hurt other people, I think I could step in and kill that person. They would more than deserve it.

  • Even if I did I would feel terrible

    I just don't think I would be able to have blood on my hands. All life is sacred and important. If they are to die, then they will. If a group of people are destined to die, they will. It's as simple as that. We are not that higher being; we aren't God. So let's not try and act it

  • It Is Doubtful

    I have a hard time imagining a situation where I could actually kill someone, if it was to save other lives, I suppose that would increase the chances. I think decisions like that are usually made in a split second and often require a lot of pressure for someone to follow through.

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