• I don't see why not

    Well it all depends on if a person wants that kind of life. I never thought about, well I never thought about getting married. Well I got plenty of time, I'm only 19. But again, its all about if someone can handle living a life by themselves. But in my own opinion, I don't think I could do that.

  • Yes I could

    I think I could make the vow to remain unmarried if I needed to. I think you could still find love and make that vow. It would mean that your partner would need to agree to be together and simply agree not to get physically married. It may be difficult, but I could do it if needed.

  • I already have

    Weddings are expensive. Divorces are worse. I've been with a fair amount of people in my life. Even engaged to one of them, but the concept of marriage is so skewed what with government and religion fighting over the control for it. I would love to get married to my boyfriend, but I don't need the lord to sanction it, it's the legality of the situation.

  • Sure I could remain unmarried, I've been married twice already.

    At the point in my like I would have no problem remaining unmarried and taking a vow to do so. I have been married twice, with both resulting divorces. A successful marriage takes a lot of work and commitment from both parties and I am not ready to make that commitment again.

  • I could definitely stay unmarried

    I've never bought in to the notion that marriage was the ultimate fairytale fantasy, where you meet your prince and dressed up like a princess to join together and ride off into the sunset. Marriage is hard work and takes maturity and commitment. I have enjoyed the single life, where I have given myself an education and sought out opportunity. I could easily stay unmarried without so much as a second thought.

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