• Go Without A Boss

    I am an independent contractor so I am my own boss. The worst boss I ever had was a micro manager owner at a small boutique consignment shop. He didn't even trust his employees to have an honest conversation with the customers which made the entire experience stifling. I hope to never have a boss again.

  • The best boss is no boss!

    As a stay at home mother technically I am my own boss meaning I only have to answer to myself and I don't have to abide by the standards or time limits of anyone other than myself. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom that is associated with making my own decisions and abiding by my own rules.

  • I currently have a good boss

    My current boss is a pretty good boss. He's retiring from the company in about 6 months so he's a little more easy going that I suspect he used to be. He's still very thorough and organized and genuinely a good person so I enjoy working for my current boss.

  • Yes, I believe I do.

    I think I have a great boss. He listens to my concerns and gives me praise and correction when it's warranted. His communication is always open and honest and I know where I stand with him on a regular basis. He is the one that helped me get this job and I appreciate his continued support.

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