• Yes, I think I will.

    I work at a great company that was still giving raises, although smaller, when the economy was in total collapse. It would be very rare for them not to give out raises, especially after we had such a great year. I also had a very good performance review which also contibutes

  • Yes; I'm reliable, hardworking, and professional

    My company has hired three temps before me, and I'm the one that stuck. I'm always on time, I don't go over on lunches or commit timeclock fraud, I follow the rules but am flexible and outgoing, I dress to kill when I come to work, I conduct my voice and body in an ideal way for a high-income office receptionist, and my managers have expressed much approval in my work.

  • I will, many won't

    At the end of the year I expect I will receive a raise, as my company is doing well compared to many others. We've done without in previous years, but this year things are better and I expect a raise and a small bonus. Unfortunately, I see many of my friends aren't in the same position - things aren't better yet.

  • Self -employed, self starter.

    As a self employed person who is responsible for my own income, I only have myself to blame if my income does not increase Its the middle of the year and things are going well, so will I have myself a raise? Yes, don't mind if I do! Thank you.

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