• It could happen overnight.

    Deep down we all want to live a happy life in peace and harmony. There are those who don't believe it can ever happen, And those who are making it happen. It's like they say, "those who think it can't be done shouldn't interrupt the people doing it". Have faith, And world peace is inevitable.

  • Only After Everyone Gets Fed Up

    World peace will happen when everyone is fed up with war and everyone has freedom. Only when all citizens of the world realize they have basic human rights and when poverty is eliminated will peace ensue. It will happen within my lifetime--perhaps in the next 50 years--but only after a world calamity unites us in order to change how we do things.

  • No I don't.

    I do not think that I will see world peace in my lifetime or anyone else's lifetime either. I do not think there will ever be world peace. Since almost the begining of time there have been people at war. It is the nature of humans and probably always will be.

  • No, world peace is impossible

    There is no way everyone in this world can get along together. There will always be hateful people who want to hurt others. While we may be able to diminish this population through acts of peace and kindness, hateful people will never dissolve completely. We can create a near peaceful world where people may not agree but can cooperate, but people wishing bad on others destroys peace and those people can't be destroyed.

  • See World Peace

    I personally think that True peace, which resonates throughout our world and brings humanity together under one undivided umbrella,is very achievable. We can achieve it within the next decade or even sooner depending on how we choose to amplify our plan to the international community. The first major step, and one of the most important pinnacles in the evolution of mankind, is to shift people's perception of how they view wealth. If we can shift the way consumers place value on money versus spiritual wealth, we can demolish the media.

  • I Don't Think So

    I believe world peace would be amazing to see, but I have a feeling that even if it does happen, it would more than likely be a very short term thing. I'm not holding my breath for world peace in my life time, I don't think it will happen, tensions are far too high.

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