• yes they are

    As a teen right now, I was lucky to be raised in a southern rural lifestyle, so that i did not get all of the technology that others did. I sit now and watch all of the people that spend so much time on their phone that is is awful.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe young people are too dependent upon mobile technology. These teenagers can't imagine going through a class without their cell phone and I think that is unfortunate seeing that I know it's possible to make it through school without these devices because that's exactly how it was when I was younger.

  • Yes, young people are.

    Young people are too dependent upon mobile technology. They have no sense of direction and, I swear, their attention span is shrinking. They have popcorn brain. This isn't just with young people though, a lot of the aging population is the same exact way. It's a little disturbing to me.

  • Yes, young people are too dependent on mobile technology.

    I definitely think that young people are dependent on mobile technology. Younger people these days cannot go anway without checking their phones at all times. They have developed an addiction to it. It also has a negative effect because most of them can't even concentrate most of the time without checkin their phones first.

  • Yes, I do think young people are too dependent upon mobile technology.

    Many young people in today's society whole lives revolve around their smart phone, I believe that while it is great to be constantly connected to everybody you know you should never become obsessed with something that you will start to neglect other areas such as face to face social interaction.

  • I just want to be noticed

    I don't have anything against this topic though I just wanted to say hello to you people. I actually agree with the yes side because poles have been taken and 70 percent of young adults and teens even say that they are addicted to there smartphone. I need more words.

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