Do you think your kids should see/know who you are voting for?

  • Train your children

    If you believe you should vote for a person, you have a reason. You should train your children as you think they should be. You should not be afraid of telling anyone who you voted for, if you are, you should move away from the mafia, or reconsider your vote. Children can advise as well, adults have the ability to make their own decision.

  • Political affiliation and voting should be personal.

    I am a proponent of letting children learn to think critically and form their own opinions and political feelings- not just ape that of their parents because it was the only thing they learned. The vast majority of teenagers just mime back their parents' opinions because they have not learned to examine issues and develop their own thought process and our society does not encourage them to do so.
    If it did, we'd see far less of our populace ridiculously swayed by everything they hear on tv or read on the internet.

  • It is completely private!

    In some voting places I have gone to - I have seen kids looking over or letting their child see who they're voting for....... And some actually help the adults out!
    I think it's outrageous because they are not 18+ yet, so first things first - they shouldn't vote
    Secondly, it's YOUR opinion. The child shouldn't help you out. If you don't know who to vote for, do some homework on it! It will not kill you!
    Lastly, they could tell ANYONE they want to, in fact, they could black mail on that subject.
    As my conclusion, I think whoever does things like this - should think again.
    Thank you.

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