• Yuppies are not to Blame

    Yuppies are not to blame for the gentrification of urban neighborhoods. If most downtowns and inner cities were good, safe places to raise a family, then the yuppies would move there. They are just moving where they determine they can live the best lifestyle. They should not be blamed for wanting to move to the safety of the suburbs.

  • They bring wealthy.

    Yes, I think that yuppies contribute to gentrification of urban neighborhoods, because they bring wealth, and they want to pay higher prices for the property. Yuppies also demand better amenities and services when they get there, such as coffee shops and upscale grocery stores. Urban neighborhoods see an increase in their values when the yuppies arrive.

  • Yes, they do.

    There is a big project in the planning right now in Harlem where they are going to gentrify the neighborhood by putting in a bunch of restrictions and shops that frankly most of the people who were originally from the area can't even afford to use. I think that if money is to be put into fixing up a community, that it should be filled with affordable businesses.

  • Yes, of course they do.

    If there's one thing yuppies do right, it's driving up property values and keeping neighborhoods prim and proper and nicely groomed. It's almost as if they are competing with one another, which again drives the property value up. Get a neighborhood full of them, and then you have what is considered a rich neighborhood.

  • Yuppies and hipsters keep ruining the cool places.

    A small downtown shopping center has been around for decades. The buildings were built in the first part of the twentieth century, so they are sturdy and authentic. The designs of the area were purposeful and there is history there. The people who live and work there have struggled to beautify the area and return it to the former fame it once enjoyed. Then, once the work is done, and the area is made popular again, yuppies and hipsters move in with lawyers and money to take it over, build condos, coffee shops, and destroy any history with bike paths and parking garages.

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