Do you think Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) is a good public representative of the Muslim faith?

  • Experience real muslim before talking

    I guess it is, many people thinks that muslims are radicals, then i must mention that radical muslim isn't real muslim at all, i was living in Indonesia, so i know. Most muslim there condemn these radicals. It's known to the society that if somebody are in a radical group, then he must had his brain brainwashed in many methods at several weeks, or months.

  • Yes he is

    Yes, I think that Cat Stevens is a good person to represent the Muslim faith, and that he has a lot of people that like him and are fans, so he can spread their faith pretty easy. I think that he is a very smart man, and is definately good for them.

  • Yes, Yusuf Islam is a helpful representative of the Muslim Faith

    The US media has done such a good job of demonizing Islam and Muslims worldwide as being violent. As a person of peace Cat Stevens does much good in balancing out the inflammatory stereotypes of the Muslim religion promoted today. It is in everyone’s best interest to see shining examples of individuals who represent a more moderate, accurate picture of Islam.

  • Yes, he is great.

    Yes, I can't really think of very many people who would make a better representative of the Muslim faith. If someone of the Muslim faith wanted to represent their religion as a peaceful and loving of everyone, (even if there are many in all major religions who do not) then Cat Stevens with his past reputation of being a flower child and a hippie is a great choice.

  • No, Yusuf Islam is not a good public representative of the Muslim faith.

    No, Yusuf Islam is not a good public representative of the Muslim faith, because famous people are bad representations of groups in general. Yusuf Islam seemed like a very good guy and I enjoyed his music, but it doesn't change the fact that he had to act and never could completely be a normal person. Had he just been a normal person with his attitude and qualities, I would say yes he is a great representation of the Muslim faith from what I know.

  • He is not typical.

    No, I do not think that Yusuf Islam is a good public representative of the Muslim faith, because he not a typical Muslim. First of all, Yusuf Islam is a convert. Most of his background is in Britain. His primary efforts are philanthropic efforts, where are many Muslims are far more interested in bringing death to the infidels. Yusuf is not representative of most Muslims.

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