• Haider saw different opportunities.

    Any move in professional sports will come with great fan criticism. Losing a player will be the reason that the team lost that season, or the reason it won. That depends on the outcome. Haider made the decision that he felt would most benefit him. It may anger fans. They will get over it eventually. Haider just feels that he will be better off not playing for Pakistan.

  • I think he made the right choice.

    If we are to believe Zulqarnain Haider, he quit the team and fled to the United Kingdom for safety because of death threats after refusing to lose a fixed cricket match. While I believe him, I also think that if I were given the choice between living in London or Pakistan, I'd make up any excuse to get to London, too.

  • Yes, he should have a choice in weather or not he wants to play.

    A person should have a choice on weather or not they want to do something. He should not be forced to stay if he doesn't want to. Freedom of choice should be a law of every country. Although they way he quit was probably unethical, he should have a right to choose.

  • For his family

    He explained that he had been asked to lose the fourth ODI on 4 November and that after hitting the winning runs he had received threats against his life and family. How would people not make the same decision as he did? It was his life and his family or quit.

  • He was ethical.

    Yes, I think Zulquarnain Haider was right to quit the Pakistan national team, because he was asked to throw matches on purpose. Haider was worried about death threats to his family, and the threats were legitimate. He was right to think about his safety and his family, even if it meant giving up the cricket that he loved.

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