• Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its a nice thing to do,you might need a little extra money to support your family and friends.I mean like what if you were them don't you need or want a little extra money,don't you love finding money in the couch or behind the bed so.....JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!! Tat's why I would tip.

  • It's the right thing to do

    Some workers are having a rough day or something is going wrong at home or something happened and they need a little money instead of the little they earn from a small paycheck every few weeks tipping for poor service could mean a lot to a worker so just tip please so just do it.

  • Yes,i would tip.

    I would tip because, they might be having a bad day in there home life.They might of just had a bad customer before you.So just tip they might just need more money to support there family.Put yourself in there shoes what if you were having a bad day and didn't want to go to work.

  • Yes i would tip

    I would tip because they need the money and maybe there just having a bad day.What if you were a waiter and you had a bad day and you didnt get a big pay check you might need a couple extra bucks.So tipping is the right thing to do,so just DO IT!!!!!!!!

  • Some people have bad days.

    A lot of American workers rely on tips to live because their salaries are too low. I have money, they need money, and if they did the service, then they deserve the money, regardless of whether or not it was poor service. (But I do give a little less for poor service, because that's fair.)

  • I always tip

    I always leave a tip of a two dollar minimum because you never know what your server is going through, even if they give me rotten service. I know that sounds like rewarding bad behavior, but I used to wait tables for 2 years. Although I was terrible at it, I was always worked hard for the money and know what it's like to get a scrappy tip in spite of working hard.

  • Yes of course

    Everyone needs to have a little extra money, and those servers don't really get paid much. Even if they're mean to me I think I should still give them money. EVERYONE DESERVES THE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY! To me that's just common sense. So that's why I tip even for bad service.

  • I don't tip for anything

    I personally don't understand tipping at all. We do not have tipping in Australia and service is still excellent. Instead people are paid a good minimum wage so they don't need to be tipped in order to survive.

    In the Us they should put the minimum wage up, and pay people a decent wage so that tipping is unnessesary.

  • I won't pay for the poor service.

    I'm Korean so, I really don't know well about giving tip for service
    but if I were at U.S I won't pay for the bad service.
    Paying tip is result of person's work but, if they do their work bad,
    they have to get bad result of what they do.
    If we keep giving them tip for poor service, their attitude to visitor will be worse.
    Because of those reason I won't pay tips for poor service

  • Really Bad Waiters

    Because why should i tip that waiter if he or she did not do a good job, that person should be fired or demoted because if he or she cant do there job correctly why should they be working there in the first place. I don't like when people don't do there job and expect a reward the world doesn't work like that

  • NO do not tip for poor service

    If it is bad service why would you waste more money, I mean you have to pay a person and then you go if you give them a tip, you just wasted a lot of your money! If you did tip them, I would give them like $1 and that is it!

  • Tips are to be earned

    Personally, I tip about ~15% for standard service, 20-25% or even 30% (when I can afford it) for truly outstanding service, and nothing for poor service. The point of tips is you earn them. If you don't do a good job, were rude, or take a really long time, I probably won't tip you because you didn't earn it.

  • I do, But not much. . .

    The one time I was going to give NO tip my wife guilted me into tipping. But here’s the thing about crappy service. . . It ruins the meal. It ruins the meal, But the meal still costs the same. I go to a restaurant so I don’t have to cook, Not so I can sit there upset about being treated like i’m putting the waiter out by eating there. If I feel like the waiter is making zero effort to serve me, And I wish that I could get up and leave rather than finishing the meal, What am I tipping for? A bad evening that I pay a lot of money for? I can’t not pay for the food because that’s stealing, But I can certainly give a small tip to the person who made me wish I hadn’t eaten at that restaurant in the first place.

  • Not for bad service

    If the service is bad like alot of places are these days i will leave nothing. If the service is good and the food is good i will leave a 10-15% tip. People that give waiters a tip when they have poor service are encouraging them to continue to give the same bad service to us because hey there gonna get a tip anyway. Personally i think minimum wage should be enforced no matter where you work.

  • I work hard too

    I work hard to earn money to eat in a restaurant. When I spend my hard earned money in your place of business, I expect to get a good experience. If you want that 15-20% tip, you need to earn it, just like I have to earn my pay check. I will sometimes give you a pass if you are nice and the placed is slammed, but if you keep screwing up my order, goofing around with your coworkers when the place is dead, or being a jerk you will be lucky if I leave you anything. I worked in restaurants, and I gave my customers the best service I could, and because of it I would come home with $50 in tips on slow nights. I do not tip for bad service. I refuse to award bad service, and entitled waiters.

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