• Donald Trump 2016!

    Yes he's brash, loud, and says things that are many times disagreeable to say the least. But by God he's honest!! He is trustworthy because he says what he thinks and is not fickle like most other politicians. He seems hot headed, but can be cool and collected when need be (as seen lately). I do not agree with everything he says, however he supports his ideas and does not try to deceive or be two faced. The Donald Trump you see on TV is the Donald Trump you will see in the White House.

  • He cares about his country, and the liberals know nothing.

    Donald Trump was honest with his plans for his presidency. He has already started construction on the wall, which is great. He is not racist, he just does not like when illegals come over and steal from legal citizens. Donald Trump is not sexist he says he cherishes women and he values them. He lowered the black unemployment rate down to 6.8%. He employed more than one million people within his first one hundred days in office. The national debt is down two million because of his great business skills. He knows that the gender wage gap is not a thing, neither is the racial wage gap. The equal pay act of 1963 signed by John F. Kennedy made it illegal to pay someone less based on their gender or race.

  • No!!!!!!!!! To a vietnam draft dodger whose money paid the doctor.

    Super strong athletic trophy winner teenager and rotc captain with medals did not serve his country when called upon. 4f deferment being unfit for military service gave d. Trump avoidance for service in usa for vietnam. His doctor wrote his birth scares in legs became bone spurs, making him unfit and disabled.

  • The worst year

    These year D.T is the worst person on EARTH he is an idiot like he should really wear pockodots like like all the time well and wear winter hats too evan in summer like and sweet pants clown shoes too yeah yeah does any one eles think this to? If so comment yeah or nah

  • No hes an idiot

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  • He will ruin the country

    Donald Trump is a racist and misogynistic tycoon who will only promote war and racism. He is disgustingly anti-female, so much that he even said that he would date his own daughter if she was not his daughter. He will ruin America and people like him should be jailed. For a woman to get an abortion in America is already so hard. And with Trump as president; it will be impossible. Guns may as well be distributed among elementary school children. America will be at war with Iran, causing him to raise taxes even more in the country. Do you really want that?

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