• Pftt... My emails aren't worth reading...

    I don't care if my password gets leaked... But then again, it could lead to my G+ plus being accessible. My emails aren't important. At all. If my password was to be publicly shown... Thats when it gets serious. Im just gonna write this so that I fufill the 50 word min

  • I still trust Gmail.

    Hackers have been getting into Gmail accounts for years. Yes, this time it's Google's fault for the passwords being leaked but it's not completely un-fixable. It's not like credit card information or social security information was leaked. Users just need to change their passwords and move on. I still trust Google to protect my information as best as they can.

  • Yes, Gmail is still reliable even after password leak.

    In the Gmail password leak, no servers were hacked into. Thieves simply tricked users into giving up their accounts through other means. This isn't Gmail's fault; it's the fault of the users that made such a simple mistake. Therefore, Gmail is still a trustworthy and reliable service for consumers today.

  • Yes I still trust Google's Gmail system.

    Yes I still trust Google's Gmail system. When take a closer look at what passwords were leaked they are all over three years since they were last used and in many cases belong to accounts that had been deactivated at the user's request. Anyone uses good password management processes, like changing your password at least once a year, the danger posed by this event is minor.

  • No trust for GMail

    I have no trust for GMail, nor any other e-mail provider either. Hackers make it their life's work to mess with people's security and expose them to ill will. The bigwigs of the industry, like Google, do not have enough power to stop the hackers from getting into their systems.

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