• Use your intellect while reading!

    Not all news items are biased, untrue or paid...It depends whether we consider only the first page as news and disregard the other pages. At times, what happens is that true, unbiased news is tucked into the later pages of the newspaper. That doesn't mean we ignore the truth and honesty in them. Adding to that, we also must use our own intelligence and discretion while using the news reports. None of us are fools to not differentiate between truth and hype. Read using your brain and you'll find trust worthy news in your daily.

  • Simply pure deception.

    Anyone with open eyes and a brain can come to the point where everything the media is saying is either biased, secretive, or completely untrue.

    The biggest thing though is that, the media is filled with complete lies and is aimed at deceiving people of what the truth really is.

    The Sandy Hook massacre was faked, it was all staged and acted out by many people, and then later they displayed it on the media as it was something real. 9/11 is another example. The Boston Marathon Bombings is another example.

    The entire TV is filled with lies. From the shows you watch, to the games you adore, all of it is to keep people away from the REALITY, the truth.

    It will never make sense to anyone until they see it themselves first.

  • No, you shouldn't trust the newspapers and TV news alone.

    I don't trust relying on the newspapers and the TV news alone. They tend to give you either biased and/or limited information on things happening around us. Which is why I would recommend, when you want to know about something (like say the Boston Marathon Bombing), to search across the Internet for various news casts, reports, debates, etc. For answers. Basically, be your own investigator using everything you find on TV, newspapers, online, and from people around you as pieces of the puzzle you're trying to solve.

  • These mediums do offer information; but it is often only one side of the story they are reporting on.

    The Media and the Establishment are in each others pockets. Being a Journalist in a Newspaper with wide circulation gives that Journalist a degree of power. Power corrupts, and Journalists are no more immune to this corruption than others in power, such as Politicians or Bankers: two powerful professions shown to have a good deal of corruption.

    It'd be too strong to say the News is 'wrong'; they do have information - but it is often very selective. Often to sell papers (and to attract viewers in the case of televised news) they distort the news into a kind of realist drama narrative. I am not saying this ALWAYS happens, but it can, and we should watch the news and read the papers with an open mind and a degree of skepticism.

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