• Yes, believe in society, conform.

    As a totally normal human not brainwashed by society and payed by our government, i love society! You can go outside! Say hi to Gary! Help him grill hot dogs! Trust his hot dogs cause they were made by, ill say it, SOCIETY! Maybe say hello to Karen. Walk the dog. Mow the grass. Kill a communist. Ahh! Society is so great aint it!

    "This message was totally not sponsored by the Government Association for keeping people Tame and Stupid."

  • Yes we are in whole big society in itself ever since... We can never survive or live happily alone...

    Im open minded person , if new society comes in my path... I would give myself a chance to learn or experience what the society is up to...
    And if it doesn't suit my personal beliefs or it can hurt ppl i care or others then why stay .... I could just leave as easily ..

  • I can trust humanity to want two things.

    The first at the individualistic scale: Humanity wants freedom for themselves.

    The second (because no man is an island, and we are all social creatures to some extant.): Humanity wants safety for our cherished loved ones.

    These two virtues often conflict with one another. Especially with parents and teens. Parents want to try and guide their young via their path and avoid struggles they went through. Teens want to forge their own road.

    Society is full of parents and young adults people striving to achieve those virtues oft at odds. So, what do we do when in conflict? We go to extremes if all avenues for peaceful resolution are cut from either end.

    I trust society to have good intentions, and the idea of society to be inherently good, but their over-protectiveness tends to divide up who we care about. Divvying ourselves up into us and them.

    We forget about the larger picture. Under God(s/dess/dess'/other) or Darwinism we are all brothers and sestras living and dying on a small blue blip in space.

    Very few people wake up in the morning saying, I'mma commit da evulz today and take everyone's rights away. ^^

  • I am in the middle

    I only trust society to a degree so I guess I am more in the middle. I just posted on this side because the other side was already filled with a lot of comments. If I were to completely not trust society then I would never leave my home I wouldn't have any friends because I would live in fear of people stealing or betraying me. This is not the case with most people which proves that people don't really not trust society at all but are rather cautious with people until they know them.

  • Don't trust community

    Communities has changed to the worst day in a day , they became professional in gossip and rumors . The case is not that how I just trust community , it whom I haven't trust , people love to talk about each other more and more until the community be the worst

  • Society is in trouble.....

    With media, gossip and rumors growing every so often, I believe that me and my friends could never end up trusting society. Gossip girls are one of the main reasons. Women in general know what they are talking about when it comes to people; helping their friends to spread rumours. It goes on and on.....

  • Never, takes away independence.

    I have never trusted society or relied on anyone since i was 14, mainly because it just puts you down cause of all the disappointment. I've always had an independent way of doing something and even if someone offers me a lift somewhere, i have a back up plan to sort myself out. The government lie to us anyway and tell us lies to satisfy us, the news is all rigged so that we all fall in to a false sense of reality and all believe the same thing. Social media is fake, telling people more lies and creating false 'gossip' and debates to again satisfy us.

    To get past it all, you need to do what you enjoy, don't be influenced or follow someone else into something, be brave and do what you want to do, if that means quit your boring job and go on an action/sports tour around the world, then go for it. If you're not happy in a relationship, leave it cause it's only causing problems and making you rely on someone else.

    Do NOT 'trust' people. Do NOT 'rely' on people.
    Be your own person and do what you want, and that all starts with being independent...

  • Why would you trust society?

    Society's values and standards are always changing. Back then it was perfectly okay to have slaves and injustice against races and gender but now its changed. Who knows what else would be changed in the future that we can see it as moral and okay today but in the future it won't be? In fact how do we even know these changes are in fact okay? I'm not saying that changing views on slavery and woman is bad but other controversial issues such as abortion and gay marriage. I think instead of trusting society, we should just be ourselves and live life..

  • No I dont trust society

    Why? People rely on society to tell them who they are but they have to remember that its the same society that tells them that abortion is wrong andthem look down at teenage parents, the same society which sell fashion products with a picture of a woman half photoshoped, with people who preech for charity and owe privet jets, people who complain about greedy people and are all fat.
    When someone tells you that what you see in society is what you wanna see you should answer that you only see what society shows others but you never get to know their inner side, so be careful around society, dont judge a book by its cover, it usually ends in a very bad way when you trust every good looking person, you never know.

    Posted by: Ugi
  • Who could, unless they were bought by society.

    Societies of they, in all times throughout history, persecute and murder, others. That is a fact obvioso. We all watch some form of media, whether the Ivory Tower professor spouted, or the populist envisioned. They are all endowed with the mission of lying. We the people lie too. So Be It.

  • Society is to evil.

    All these lies, sadism, schemes and aloofness? No one will bother to save me if i'm critically injured from a car accident. If you break your leg in a middle of a street, no one will give crap. A homeless kid? The most of the people won't do anything beside pitying him. I will suggest you what I do. Do whatever you can to not need someone to save you. Learn anything you can. Survival, hand to hand combat, and anything that will make you able to protect yourself.

  • Society is a Nasquadian invention

    Society was created to make people into reliant weaklings. If you look up on dagraduztwikieevar.Com then you will discover Society was created by Nasquadian Reptilian Communists in 66666666666666666 B.C. So come on, become an independent redpilled male. So Don't worship Nasquadian religions, Don't watch TV regardless of how 'independent' it is, Don't make friends or get a girlfriend and don't be a degenerate that follows trends.

    P.S This is a joke.

  • No way Jose

    My teacher have me thirty bench passes for no reason. I cried for half an hour. My best friend stole a skylander when he came to my house. My parents disowned me at the age of eighteen, but they said to call. I wanted lots of free money but the cops said no. I live in a pineapple now....

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Stefy says2015-02-16T15:53:51.457
Society is not a concrete thing its fluid. There are so many different parts of society that one can't trust or distrust it. You can distrust or trust the establishment though if that is what you mean.
debate_power says2015-02-16T22:04:27.343
I distrust the ones on top with the power because I'm not one of them.