• I Trust the Cloud

    As a user of several "cloud" based storage systems, I trust the safety and security. The recent breach into several celebrities' iCloud accounts has made others leary of the security. However, the breach was not into the iCloud system itself, but hacked via software that targeted specific individuals as opposed to the entire company. I have always been to safely store and retrieve information from Google Drive and iCloud.

  • I don't really trust anything much, but cloud storage services are low on the list

    Cloud services often receive and consent to government data requests. Many claim to encrypt and protect your data, but you'd have to take their word that they won't share it with whomever asks for it. Nothing is foolproof. Given enough resources and time, ANY security measure can be circumvented. Cloud storage makes it easier to access your data from anywhere, not just for you, but for everyone else. Only use the cloud to store data you'd be willing to give to your neighbor.

  • No, I don't

    I don't think the cloud is any more unsafe than anything else, but I do think that it can be hacked just like with most things. The recent celebrity hackings have proved that it is not infallible. I think we will see more of these events happening in the future.

  • Never Trust What You Can't Understand

    Whatever is saved on your computer, your mobile phone, your hard drive, and in the cloud is subject to random theft. The cloud has just made it easier, and more accessible to those who would try it. The mistake people have made is trusting something they never understood in the first place.

  • I do not trust cloud

    No I do not trust the cloud or any other online site when my personal information. We are learning time and time again that nothing on the Internet is one hundred percent safe and secure. Hackers are hacking every day and will continue to become more advanced. Nobody is safe on the Internet.

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