• In most cases -- Yes

    To begin with i think it's important to understand that we are not talking about the government here we are mainly talking about the police force. And yes i know that its run by the government. I think that it is hard for some people to just blindly trust police, and that's fine. I personally have had good experiences with my local police and trust them. If you can't trust your local police at the very least just try and respect them. Continuing on i think that one main problems with this is the media. How often does CNN or Fox news talk about the heroics of the police force. Well i would say almost never. That's because its a better story for the sites to talk about how the police are evil. You can't tell me that police hardly ever do something heroic because i have seen my full share of videos on other websites. To add to that i am not saying that cops do not do bad things. With the good there is also bad. Next you should look into things like training. Cops are NOT just random people that put on a badge, they are well trained professionals that risk their lives for you. Again i am not saying that there are only good police officers there are also people take advantage of this. So to end this i am basically going to say that i think that the majority of the police force can be trusted as long as you show them the respect that they deserve.

  • Yes, They put their life on the line.

    Most of the time I do not have anything to hide. When I get pulled over by the police, There has always been a reason why. Most of the time I deserved a ticket, But may have not been issued one. For the most part I trust the police agency more than the police officer. The agency i live in has to maintain its trust with the community and does so by scrutinizing its officers. The police officers have to be dedicated to get the position and patient, Level-headed, And civil to keep the position.

    I hate the question "where are you going today? " or "where are you coming from". Those answers are none of your damn business. Tell me what law I broke and give me the ticket. I typically tell them down the street or from up the street. I have told some that is not your business. I also hate the question "Do you know why I pulled you over? " No I do not, I'm not going to self-incriminate, So just tell me.

    Regardless of those two types of questions I have seen the police in my community handle themselves much better than I would have. They are highly trained and keeping my community and children safer by their job choice.

    If we want our society to improve we have to teach our children to talk respectfully to police. Police respond well to those who talk to them with patience and respect. We should teach our children to understand their rights and not allow anyone to walk over our rights, But respect the man charged with enforcing the laws.

  • In general and initially, no I do not trust the police.

    Police officers are human beings like the rest of us. And first, I'm not too big on just trusting anyone straight away. Second, take a look at the very famous, or maybe infamous, "Lucifer effect". Basically a study out of Stamford that shows that when people are given these master type roles it can have extreme behavioural and psychological effects on them, because of how it treats the ego.

    Look at where police come from. You have normal humans who say they are government, and suddenly, they are. And because of this, they believe they can replace God, by dictating what is right and wrong. They can say something is a right, by passing a law and saying it's legal, even if it's not an inherent human right. If they want something to be a wrong, or take a given right away from you, they just call it "illegal" and pass a law on that. Suddenly your right is taken from you because they said it. Keeping this in mind, you don't have the right to cause violence towards another human being. You cannot violate their rights. However, if the government tries to take away your right to do something, and tells you that it's now a wrong, the police have a job to "uphold and enforce the governments law". Not natural law, not God's laws. So they can cause violence and violate your rights and have the entire government behind them, all because they were given a badge and permission from the government. A group of individuals who claim to be something. And they think they can can choose what your rights are.

    All this to say I don't trust police because this is where their morality has to be in order for them to be in this job or position. I don't trust what they are capable of because the illusion of human authority has spiralled out of control. And people But into it. So even if a police officer does something completely immoral or illegal, most of the time, it's ok because he's got that permission. I'll briefly also mention the high amounts of freemasons in the police and law enforcement also. The history of police and how they treated blacks in this country and where police origins are from. Do some research on that one. The history of planting drugs, evidence, mishandling evidence, unprovoked violence, rape, and everything else the police have done in the past.

  • No, not really.

    If you are part of any sort of minority group then you cannot trust police. If they don't agree with who you are then they won't protect you. There have been plenty of cases of unprecedented killings, assaults, etc. done by police.

    That doesn't mean we should be killing or assaulting them on the streets like what has been happening recently though. That is hypocritical.

  • Nope. I don't

    I haven't grown up to trust the police. I was fortunate to form my own opinion about the police, Not being forced into obeying them. I had an opportunity to observe the police. From the beginning of their shift to the very end, As they got into their cars and left for the day. I did this for months (involuntary). I hated it. They do not carry the "protect and serve" attitude. They carry an attitude that's hostile, I frequently heard ". . . It's us against them out there. . . " or "fuck em'. . ". They do not work for us, They work for themselves and their image in front of their Chief. The police where I observed talked poorly about the situations they had been in, The people, They laughed and joked about the calls they went on, There was no confidentiality, They openly talked junk on individuals sorry enough to cross paths with them.

    They were itching to get into a fight with an individual. They day dream about ". . . Putting someone face first into the sidewalk. . . ". The ones who aren't like this do nothing to correct the ones who are. They sit back and let them live out their behavior. They are allowed to act with almost immunity. As long as they can "articulate" what they did and why, They will get off free.

    They are lazy, Loud, Angry, And take their own issues out on the individuals they encounter. I believe taking their firearm and badge would be an eye opener for so many officers. You don't see Firemen or EMT's running around screaming at the individuals they encounter on their calls. Those are the ones truly there to protect and serve.

    Calling the police creates more problems than not.

    I always say a bored cop is a bad cop.

    Stay away from the police, However, In order to do so you must stay away from bad situations. Good luck everyone.
    Just remember don't ever trust the Police.

  • No one knows.

    If you think cops have right to not Arrest domistic vilonce agressor, Who knows for sure they believe man if secret hate of women and vice a versa for woman cop. The law to protect victim of domestic vilonce. Is not fare and easy to be manipulated and fabergated. Not to mention judged by underline personal oppion and discretion of personal or unjust arrest and possible continued harm like the original law was ment to create police not caring. It makes no sense and needs to be addressed and updated. I am known supporting fan for law. And I have seen the harm and danger that is the cause of criminal and legal abuse I know I can prove. You

  • My father was a policeman

    My dad's a rapist and he was a policeman. He would do stuff to me when I was a mere child. He would abuse me and fo unjust things. I just can't trust police. The chief of police is rumored to fuck young teens to get them out of getting tickets it's wrong.

  • Don't trust them

    The Castile KILLING is a perfect example. If he was gonna use his gun against the police, Then why would he tell the KILLER COP he had a gun. Just a regular person trying to live life and was KILLED by a KILLER COP. That KILLER COP should be in prison or put in the same scenario and KILLED himself. As a KILLER COP is STILL WALKING around as a FREE MAN, Doesn't make me feel safe. Over a 1000 ppl a year killed for no reason by KILLER COPS. This is for all races but for the African Americans living in the land of the free and guilty until proven innocent be careful out there. I Love You All.

  • Abolish the Police

    Evil police have no place in a free society. It should be no surprise that the cops kill so many innocent people, They are after all the slave patrol. Their only function is to raise revenue by harassing people mostly for victimless "crimes". It is long past time to abolish this evil authoritarian gang.

    No such thing as a good cop. Abolish the police!

  • Police are evil

    Police are evil. Police are immoral. Never ever call the police. They will kill your dog. They will kill your grandpa. They will taze your grandmother in her wheel chair. They will destroy your cannabis. They will throw a bomb in your babies crib while he sleeps and them blame the child for the gaping hole in his chest. They will plant drugs on you and enslave you if they don't kill you first.

    Police are evil and have no place in a free society.
    Abolish the police!

  • Not really, they’re generally lazy and thier morality is questionable at best

    The police have become a gang unto their own will. They defend each other in the face of overwhelming evidence and for a long time have put the public they apparently serve second. I have had three dealings with these characters.
    First my little brother was subject to an unprovoked attack on a bus. Fortunately i saw the incident and intervened removing the assailant at the next stop, much to the gratitude of everyone present. Then, only a day later, the police arrive at my property and arrest my 12-year-old brother. He was let go that same day but the case continued with several threats of court. Fortunately after about a month of police threats a change in command was made and the new commissioner reviewed the case and gave us a personal appology. Although we were grateful for this it did nothing to restore our confidence in the system.

    Secondly when I was 20 I was thrown to the floor in a pub by someone from behind who proceeded to punch me several times. I was arrested for my retaliation, nothing ever happened to the assailant even though the act was caught on CCTV. Because i reported it i was the quick fix and therefore i was given a criminal record. I was tricked by the police here as i was naive and trusted evidence would prevail. I guess that was my error then...

    Finally I’m arrested for possession of cannabis, a controlled substance I do admit but one I don’t agree with being controlled. Anyway the police response to this, with little evidence, is to assume my girlfriend is involved and freeze both our bank accounts. Literally not a penny for 3 months. Even money earned after the freeze is unobtainable as it ends up in the frozen accounts. This has put us in a horrible position where we now have a permanent black mark on our credit history and nearly faced eviction.

    Bottom line the government doesn’t care about the voices of the many and the police reciprocate. Having met a few decent officers i accept they exist but as a whole the system is rotten and corrupted by greed and lazyness. What makes it worse is corrupt analysis like this.

    This site seems to suggest support for police is high but it works of correlative evidence. It doesn’t ask the real questions such as “Would you feel confident that a reporting a crime to the police would see any remedial action taken?”
    I for one wouldn’t inform the police anything as there is clearly no chance of them getting it right and sadly I’ve spoken to hundreds with the same outlook...

  • I don't hate them, but don't like them either.

    Don't hate cops but also absolutely do not trust them. Liars that share the victim mentality and criminal thinking of the "thugs" they complain about so much. The deterioration of trust in police has little to do with society, it has more to do with their supervisors and the politicians they work for. Cops are grunts at the bottom of the political totem poll who are forced to carry out political agendas whether they agree with them or not and as a result they are disgruntled and armed. Would YOU trust any disgruntled and armed individual?

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