• The Government as is, Yes, I trust them

    If we know that our leaders aren't going to go out the back door and leave us in a mess, then they are in the same mess we are. So their best interests also serves ours. No one is 100% trustable. But I would rather trust our government then say, Putins government. I would rather trust our government then Haitis. So with all things being equal-we still have one of the best games in town. Not the best anymore. Just one of the best. I think I would rather move to Denmark, Sweden or Canada. They have a more humane government right now than we do.

  • Trust is bad

    The government is made of people, need I say more? Our government has proved that they can be a very bad thing. I believe that America's government is devolving into something worthy of a revolution. A government is to protect the people, not run their lives. All governments continually turn into this.

  • Given the state of American society, I'd do the same things.

    I understand what they're trying to do, which is why I "trust" them. This is not the same thing as saying I "support" them, because by all means, I stand armed and ready to fight against this tyranny that is our "federal" government.

    I no longer identify with either the "Left" or the "Right" as both polar parties have contributed to the sorry state that America is in now. Rather, I hold responsible the merchant class that has done nothing for their country but destroy it. American patriotism is dying, parodied as little more than shouting "'Merica!" rather than truly celebrating the history of our nation's people, and the contributions made to it by the immigration of others. Nobody sees America as the self-made colonial state for successful people. It is a slum in decline.

    It is because of this that the government does precisely what it does. It is to keep people from rebelling. Regarding society today; it is more delusional, paranoid, schizophrenic, and demented than ever. Human nature is so repressed that a single death today can scar millions for life, whereas fifty years ago, death was natural, or a sacrifice for the "greater good" of a nation and her people.

    America is without this nationalism, which has been replaced by progressive fervor and the principle of withstanding that fervor. There is no end goal for either political party except for collapse. One in on itself, the other from the onslaught of hatred.

    Given the state things are in, the Government is NOT by ANY means an all-seeing, all-powerful omnipotent organization. In fact, the only reason it is so feared is because most of you, and yes you reader, are "afraid" of what isn't there. That, as I said, is a paranoid, schizophrenic mentality to hold on to, and I suggest you shed it.

    There is no difference between the people in government and the people who vote them in. There is no difference between the people in corporate power and the people who make them rich (you). The only difference is that the ruling class knows how to better exploit the masses than the masses know how to exploit one another.

    A nation that has remade itself to be based upon exploitation rather than pride is no nation at all; but a collection oppressed peoples, whom by and large seek change but vote only for the same thing.

    To quote Thomas Jefferson; "Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains." This is why you are now afraid of your government. It does not represent you, but the status-quo, and nothing more.

  • They haven't earned my trust so far

    It seems like anymore the only right we have is to pay taxes. Congress and the President can't seem to agree on anything. Our leaders are constantly getting caught with their hands dirty and slapped on the wrist. Men and women who are elected to represent the United States people and then found to be breaking the law themselves should lose their positions, benefits, retirement plans, etc., Just like the rest of us would.

  • Government agents are not trustworthy

    No one can argue politicians spin, speak in half-truths, and outright lie. If these political leaders are themselves untrustworthy, the government comprised of these representatives cannot, as a whole, be trusted. Furthermore, the Constitution is designed to limit the influence and authority of politicians, and every generation bears witness to new erosions of this authoritative document by legislators who design the laws, but cannot themselves be trusted to follow rules.

  • This government is a joke.

    The us government has been a joke ever since they began. I'm not trying to say that the government is bad, but sugar coating everything to make it look good isn't necessarily good. The us government is only worried about money you and I are both just viewed as cash as you work u are making more cash for them then you ever made for yourself. We must stand up for our own opinions if it's a revolution that they want let's give it to them because we should not let them get away with there brainwashing ideas and all this media coverage feeding us lies it's about damn time we start living for ourselves not for them..... So who's with me

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