• Yes , i trust them

    Because they know that if they do not do well , we will replace them . Being a governor is not as same as being a father in home . Being a governor means that your mistake will not be forgiven . Thus , i trust my government . They believe in that people no loner worship the governments , they look at them as workers , so since the governor know that , he / she will do well in their work , so i trust them .

  • No government is perfect but their power comes from us.

    In America every person of power is elected. These people are not out to get us, and if they are corrupt, then we should elect a new person in their place. If you really disagree with whats going on you should make your own party, get a majority of the population on your side (doubtful) and run for president. America is run by the majority and that politician you don't like and the law you wish didn't exist and the tax that you pay was voted for by you, and your representatives. (or at least the majority's representatives).


    OUR government and industry are so intertwined due to the concentration of wealth and power that it has effectively destroyed any semblance of representative government. There is absolutely no reason to trust agencies like the CIA or NSA or industry like Bank of America or Bayer when they work together to plan and execute operations against innocent US and foreign citizens by lies, Torture, And murder. Whether it's corrupt or incompetent, It cannot be trusted.

  • Were in a simulation

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  • I will never

    The reason why I can't trust my government is because of the possibility of them breaking my trust and they make something go wrong, Just with one wrong move can make mishap and people could get hurt because of that and Donald trump could leave mess for the other president to fix for the next few years he is president until his presidency ends. I really don't have an answer im just a dumb 12 year old lol

  • Who are we?

    The military is mostly overseas fighting wars for rich people in those countries. Here at home, the Americans are being fattened with bleached food, sugar, and alcohol. This is not because of the citizens. This is the government. Note the taxes on it. A government that does not want something does not tax it. It outlaws it. Simple.
    Furthermore, This government is so remotely disconnected from its people that it might as well accept it is in a civil war. The class war is our primary war, and it is ongoing. The schools are experiencing it because that is how war works. Sorry. This is life. History shows a pattern and the country is showing it.
    Do not trust the government, the words coming out of their mouth. Sadly, Trump is good for showcasing the true colors of both Dems and Reps that are simply not interested in the holistic growth, but still profiteers working in a government role corrupting the structures of our ancestors because they can retire and take a job at the company they've bailed out or supported. Nothing lasts forever though.

  • The CIA, Anything else

    If your not with me your against me. Rubber Ducky is going to sink in the swamp in 10 days. If you know what I mean your in. You have 12 hours to get this message before it self destructs. If you want to make a real change meet me where the circle doesn't fall. Dear the man, if you are reading this fuck off.

  • No more librals

    All liberal demicrats should leave our country I dont trust my goverment because of Obama but now that Donald Trump is presedent i think i might be able to trust my goverment but not now as for me i hope he builds a wall so they caqn come in legaly and not ilegsaly

  • I love pizza

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  • I just cant

    Its obvious who the ruling class is. They do what ever they want. The best example is how GOP is so against Trump. They can't tell him what to do,, so they are trying to wreck his campaign. They need a figurehead, a puppet, a yes man. Bernie and Donald couldnt care less what they say.

  • I trust my government!

    Said no one, ever. Maybe if the NSA didnt spy on Americans or our allies, or if the IRS didnt single out tea party members, or if they kept promises about keeping your health plan, or if they didnt shut themselves down, or if our taxes didnt increase by 50% (our country exists because taxes were too high). It would be pretty neat if our nation didnt do that.

  • Sorry, but No.

    So many examples show how the population is being deceived. The Government is very corrupt and full of venal politicians who just work for their own benefit. They assassinate targets that they feel are a threat to the society. Them and whatever other secret groups perform clandestine actions by taking over the media (news, music). The government was involved in the inside job that was 9/11. If you don't believe that, no matter how sad it may be for all the lives we lost that day, the facts and evidence shows how it was a crime and how citizens were lied to by the government. Other things like the moon landings, and the assassinations of Martin Luther King Junior and John F. Kennedy can be traced back to the government. It's sad, but the government can not be trusted.

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