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    Of those questions that really brings out my true colors. I don't. And I try to explain that as useful skepticism- and sometimes it genuinely is. I take the time to examine my thoughts deeply, to remove bias where possible, and especially to note the places I need more education before rendering an opinion- but other times it's plain old self doubt. Fear of what I may not know, and the consequences of that inadequacy. I feel like the two go hand in hand and I have trouble removing the fear from the skepticism at times. And I have this image of other people, headstrong, with confidence, who seem to be able to argue anything with conviction, even if they're dead dead wrong on the most fundamental level. And in some cases that's enviable, because it lacks the fear, but in other cases it's abhorrent, because in failing to apply the skepticism, it so badly biases the account. I guess the best place to be, objectively, is confident and correct, but how to arrive there without the component skepticism and concern? I haven't figured that out.

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