Do you try to keep up the pace of modern life (yes) or prefer to live a slower and more meaningful life (no)?

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  • No, I try to take life slowly.

    I'm someone who tries to take life slowly and look at the beauty in the world around me. I'm not overly interested in technology and keep things until they break. I don't even have, nor want, a Facebook account, nor do I know anything about most TV shows. While it makes sense that people would want the latest gadgets and to keep up with each other, for me a less materialistic life is a nice way to live, and it does relieve stress if you don't feel like you have to keep up with the Joneses.

  • Call me old fashioned but I think life should be meaningful.

    Today's fast paced society can often be dizzying. Things are changing rapidly. I often wonder if there is a purpose to living your life in such a hurry. I like to know that the things I do have meaning. I live a farmer's life. It is hard, slow work but enjoy it because I feel like it is a meaningful existence.

  • A slower and more meaningful life is important.

    It's important to slow down and enjoy life as much as you can and to have a meaningful life. Keeping up the pace of a modern life can be too stressful at times and can exhaust you physically and emotionally. A good balance is important to have, and it is important to slow down at times.

  • Keeping it slow

    I do not like to stay caught up with modern life, because I think that people are spending their lives focusing on little things that do not matter. I like to enjoy the little things in life, and not worry about things like technology so much. This makes life easier.

  • Modern Life Is Degrading

    I do not try to keep up the pace of a modern life. I prefer to live a slower and more meaningful life. Knowing what I know now about America and its consumerist ideals, I've learned that spending my money and buying things I don't need gets me no where.

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