• Yes, I do understand Obamacare

    I think a better question to ask is, "Why did it take so long to get Obamacare?" Obamacare is beginning of people being able to afford health care. It is a free market where health insurances for the first time have to compete for your health dollars. You pick what is best not only for you but the rest of the family. Because if your Mom is very healthy she can get a cheaper policy for less at a different company than your Dad who has health problems. Kids can go on a different policy altogether which provides for no cost well child appointments. There is nothing hard about Obamacare. Just go online and read the different descriptions of what one insurance has and compare it to another. You cannot get more American or capitalistic than that.

  • Yes, as it affects me.

    The affordable care act also known as Obamacare has given me a better grade of health insurance coverage than I had before at a much cheaper price. I understand that I am getting this,even though I would have stuck with what I had and paid for it, but I do not understand how my insurance coverage is being funded.

  • No I Do Not

    I have studied and read many aspects of Obamacare but I have not read the full act and do not feel I can say that I understand it. There are very few people in this country who have actually studied the bill and those that have, have done so to enter the insurance field and earn money.

  • Very Few Do More Than Repeat

    There are so many people from both sides of the debate who would jump to answer "Yes" to this question. I certainly understand aspects of it - I understand what it means for me personally, how it compares to European forms of health care, how it supports and fails people from varying backgrounds, etc. But I don't feel like I understand the whole set of policies surrounding the Affordable Care Act, and what's more, I feel like there are only a handful of legislators and experts who actually understand the full ramifications of the act.

  • It is too much.

    No, I do not understand Obamacare, because there is not one person that completely understands Obamacare. Even Nancy Pelosi said that we had to pass the law so that we could read it and understand what is in it. Obamacare has way too many loopholes, and Obama doesn't even make businesses follow the law.

  • No, I don't understand Obamacare.

    I do not understand Obamacare. I do not really know too much about the policies and rules in the Obamacare act. But I do know a little about it. But with that said, I think a lot of it is still pretty confusing. I think that a lot of people are just like myself and are confused about the bill.

  • No one understantds Obamacare

    Obamacare is a legislative nightmare, which not even the authors of the bill understand. In fact, while the ACA bears his name, Barrack Obama himself does not understand the law. It is funny how often the citizens are reminded that they are responsible for knowing the law, yet so often don't know it themselves. I understand what Obamacare is supposed to be, but no one knows what it really is.

  • Too much misinformation from both sides

    Obamacare sounds great, yet it was promised as a reduction to a family of 4 by $2500/year. It would seem that it would actually raise their rate by over $700 per year.

    Also, the math is complicated, and difficult to find. Far too many with vested interest in this bill are worded into this document, and it would seem that many of both parties are set to gain a lot of money off of this legislation. Most of the supporters of this legislation were the "evil" health care conglomerates themselves. I sense we have been duped as a nation again.

    I find it difficult to believe anything about this bill, and as it has been upheld by the Supreme Court, it is the law of the land. So I will be forced to wait, and hope, that Obama and friends truly do know what they are talking about, and House Republicans are as clueless as advertised in the media. I wish there was a rule that all legislation have easy to obtain graphs, and mathematical formulas for everyone to look at; and that the pages of these legislation can exceed no more than 200 pages. If the Supreme Court, which approved of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), could be made from a mere ten words; what can be made legal with 2700 pages of words?

    I speak for a growing segment of the Nation's populace that is resentful of both parties, and trusts no information about Obamacare as I sense it is misinformation, and just another Social Security Act, Medicare, and Medicaid that we cannot afford.

    I feel it would have been better to take Obamacare, and use it as an argument to include all of the best provisions of the prior three, and strip them of the unnecessary entitlements, making one complete piece of legislation encompassing all yet remaining more efficient.

    Of course I know not to hold my breath, it is DC after all.

    I am all for the insurance of disenfranchised people, who wouldn't be? However, I drove by Hippocrates tomb everyday to work when I lived in Greece, and his oath states that if you can't help, don't further hurt. How can government, as inept as it can be, not help but hurt these people with all the special interests pushing this down the throat of the American people?

    Just because we approve of good health care, does not mean we support something that is potentially going to be a nightmare.

    Posted by: JJ19

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