• Yes. I don't like unnecessary ads.

    I do not want to see plenty of ads everywhere I go so i use it. I know that the ads help support the site/person who hosts them but I do not care. I don't want to waste my time with the content. I only take it off when I truly want to support someone which is never.

  • Yes, AdBlock Plus from google is amazing and free if you use Google Chrome.

    Gone are the days of irrelevant pop-up ads inundating your computer screen when you're just trying to look up something real quick. AdBlock plus eliminates unnecessary ads, not pop ups that you need to say enter a password, or view as a pop out of an e-mail, but AdBlock Plus targets irrelevant ads that you simply can't stand...It also gives you a count of how many irrelevancies it has blocked for you...You can toggle it on and off as you choose.

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