• Yes I do use Yahoo.

    My very first email account, which I still use, was issued by Yahoo. I still use Yahoo for finanical and sports information. To play fantasy sports, including NFL Football and NCAA Final Four Tournament picks. What I don't do with Yahoo any longer is use it as a search engine, Google is my choice for that function.

  • Can you repeat that dear? YA-WHOO?

    Back in my time I used Yahoo, but why use it when you have Google. It took me FOREVER to learn how use Yahoo. When my friend suggested Google I decided to try it. It took me about 5 minutes to learn how to use Google. From then, unless I HAD to, I swore to never ever (as I said, unless I really had to) use Yahoo again.

  • Wait, Yahoo Who?

    Yahoo is only familiar to me because it was one of the top search engines back when I (like the internet itself) was a kid. I'm honestly surprised every time I realize that it, like aol and other dinosoar-esque technologies, still exists. Why use Yahoo when you can use Google?

  • No, I do not use Yahoo.

    No, I do not use Yahoo. Instead, I prefer to use Google for my searches. It is my opinion that Google's layout is more user-friendly and its integration with the Google Chrome browser and Gmail platforms makes it easier for me to access the services and information that I need.

  • No, I do not use Yahoo if I can help it

    I never use Yahoo if I can help it, and with good reason. Sure, 9 times out of 10 their mail service works well enough, but then every once in a while there are those moments when the service does goes down, and heaven forbid that you should really need the service then. As for their search engine, why use Yahoo when Google works so well?

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