• I do want I t

    Yes I think that I do want it ok and yes I think that I do want company ok and yes I think that I do want complete world peace ok and yes I think that we I do want complete world peace ok ok ok ok bye bye ok

  • Yeah I want it

    Yes I think that I do want world ok and yes I think that I do want company oo anx is the way ok and we should have to make wood completely peace ok and yeah I think that I do want complete world peace it is good for us

  • You destroy your enemies when you make peace with them. . .

    Peace as we all know is very important in our lives and is essential to our overall well being. There should be peace in every corners of the world and this can only be obtained when the sugar coated chilies of the world would be replaced by responsible civilians who do not discriminate and are not manipulative. . . . . . If crimes, Terrorism and other flaws of the society is under the control of the honorable law then nothing can stop world peace from becoming a successful happy reality. . . . . . . .

  • Yes, of course

    I would love that, but it would never happen, sadly. I hope that one day, however, wars and things can lessen. Unfortunately, though, I don't think humans are going to exist very long on this planet. It's a sad truth but we're killing ourselves. You can't deny how chaotic our general society is.

  • Yes I would

    I would love to have complete world peace. Sadly it's unlikely. It would be great if there was no war, disease or evil people. Our world is filled wity good and bad. Even though it would be great to have complete world peace that is extremely unlikely. I don't think anyone wouldn't want that.

  • This is not a perfect world.

    The afterlife is, God's Realm is. Though I do have to say it would be nice if countries fought by playing video games and not screwing up the Ecosystem. Though I like Wars and History my favorite is the Greeks versus Persia..... . . . . . . . .

  • And remove pressure to improve?

    A world fighting is a world finding new ways to kill things. New ways to kill things mean that when we unite enough to restrict it to brush wars, we can hunt down any extraterrestrial competitors for resources. Then we can afford to have Earth devastated by nukes because all our eggs are in different baskets.

  • Conflict is the spice of life.

    Wars are costly (in money and lives). There is no reason for us to engage in them because in this situation, the cons would outweigh the pros. There is no reason for smaller weapon violence either. All in all, we should not have any conflict that would dangerously affect or harm people. Yes, this is very ideal and unlikely, but we can always dream. The question says complete world peace though...Meaning no conflict at all. If there was no conflict or arguing whatsoever, we would be living in some dystopian, boring world. Heck- we are all on this debating website because we like arguing and disagreeing with each other. Arguments like these are needed in life. Sometimes having disagreements makes us better people because we realize we are not all the same, and we learn to have respect for everyone's opinions. If we all agreed on everything, just think how boring it would be. It would be a robotic world where everyone was conformed. It would be like a dinner dish without any seasoning or spice. Bland. Dull. We need arguments to add that flavor and that pizazz to our lives.

  • Not the way this world defines peace. Peace in this world means some get to sit fat and happy on their couch while others starve.

    Yeah, world peace means that oppressive regimes who watch their people die of starvation, who horrifically oppress them and leave them to suffer at the hands of bandits continue to rule their nations with impunity. They get to continue their crimes against humanity with impunity.

    That's what world peace means in this world.

    So, no, I don't want world peace. I want those corrupt governments to be crushed under foot and thrown to their people to be convicted, judged, and then sentenced to whatever suffering death the people so choose.

    You see, we love our peace so much, that we'd let them suffer horrifically so that we can pat ourselves on the backs and pretend that we're enlightened.

    We may have peace, but they sure don't.

    Just because there isn't war never means that there is peace.

    Until peace can be had by all, world peace is selfish and cruel.

  • I would´nt work!

    Actually is it needed to have war (exspecialy now!) because we are too Overpopulated on this Planet. We are having problems with food (Afrika) And even if we die, we die in our Faith. (Means when you´re Christian, you will die and be like a Christian in the Afterlife) and actually i like War, but only in games (because in real-life would be catastrophic) . I´m even ready to die if it means to save some more People. Somelike (we need to build a system to say from a specific age he , she , it need to die).

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