• My dream will come true!!

    My friends just told me about SAO about a month ago and I finished the series in less then two days! I'm in love with SAO. Ever since I wanted it to be real. It will be nice to escape this world and live in a fantasy. Trap me in a game, IDC! Its the life worth living. Ive been in love with video games since I was four years old, so if needed and if its possible, can I please be a beta tester? Lol. Im a gamer girl 16 years old and im just glad to know that everything is coming together. This post made me happy, and now im on the urge of crying. Anyways yes yes yes! Please create it! You have my full support! 10000 percent. Its infinite!

  • Virtual reality is awsome

    Well duh I want to get stuck in sao because if I do then I will be like kirito and become solo me and my friend don't care if we get stuck in their for 2 years worth it!!! And guess what would probably be in the x beta test for sao and in 6 years(2021) it will be real!!!!!

  • I think you should make the graphics like the anime

    I think that it would be great it would be like you started a new beginning and also being able to do the thing that you didn't think it would be possible I think it would also help people make new friends or give yourself background story to the game you want to play

  • Yes! I want to play SAO!

    This would be insanely epic, I WOULD LOVE to go into games Like Sword Art Online, Skyrim, Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Minecraft, GTA, etc.. It would be so awesome to be able to explore a fictional world with your body and senses... Oh my god that would be so cool! I hope this becomes a reality!!

  • Yes with the right responsibility

    I cant imagine a world where this doesnt come into place at some point any more. However with all the benefits that would come with a Full-dive VR system as this there are the risks as well. If something did go wrong keep in mind that your mind is pluged in and would most likely suffer some impact/ or death. Also people would be less inclined to take care of them selves, even more than what they claim gamers do today. If SAO teaches any one anything it should be the risks of a system like this, especially in its early stages of development. But i do believe that the benefits far outweigh the risks in this case. However it is not a topic to be taken so lightly. Both sides do need to be considered very heavily.
    P.S. Does any one else think "Custom Robo" could be a very cool future with this tech as well?

  • Yes. With the right responsibility.

    Ill never be agisnt something like this. But i think that people do need to consider the consequences. Things like this would present health problems. More so than video games are claimed today. People would be more inclined to not take care of themselves. Not to mention that something could go terribly wrong in its first few trials, like SAO. However i do believe that the advantages of having a full- dive VR system like that far out weigh the risks. Both sides should be carefully considered.
    P.S. Would any one else "Custom Robo" as an opportunity with this system?

  • I really I wouldn't mind

    Yeah It would be fun to experience something like that I mean. Imagine Call of Duty, Skyrim, anything like that. Feeling like you are actually in that very game. I personally thing it would be really cool to experience that. It would be fun. Imagine all the possibilities that could happen if Nerve Gear was real.

  • It would be very beneficial

    If the nerve gear became a reality and was mass produced it would make life many times easier. Work could be done virtually from home. School would be virtual if you were young and had a recess period the could switch to a game then when it's time to return the go to class. Lunch periods would be times when you take the helmet of and go eat lunch before coming back to the required area. Movies or video games could all be virtual reality. War could become obsolete because battles could be between virtual avatars rather than real life. Many processes of life would be unneeded because we could use the nerve gear to do it without the physical need.

  • Duhhhhh!!! Why not!?!?!?!

    WHY WOULDN'T YOU!!?!?! It's the next step in technological advances and pretty much the world's greatest achievements. Each company competes with each other to make better products, so, in theory, eventually one of the companies will end up making nerve gear. I would estimate the time when it comes out to be about 10 years, give or take a few. Sony is already trying to make this and the expected due date is about 2015-2018 as well as beta testing. Another company is also making SAO as a game to go with nerve gear!:))) the estimated price for the nerve gear(or the game Idk😝) is about $1000-$1250. Start saving up!!!

  • Is this even a question?

    Yes, I want it. Now. Why? Because to me it would simply be the next logical step in computer technology. Not just for gaming either, I think any field could benefit from more direct computer interfaces. Beyond that is the potential to augment human intelligence. I really can't think of any reason not to.

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