• Not helping students

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  • Kids should have year round schools.

    If you go to year round school it will cost less money. Also, you will not have a longer summer break, so you will not forget what you read. You will have shorter breaks during the school year. You get less time off and more time working. Kids in Duke University say if you attend year round schools you have a slight advantage.

  • Year Round Schools Don't Really affect students as much as traditional students

    It was found that student achievement in year-round schools was statistically the same as it was in traditional schools. Another study compared the mathematics performance of 44 students in 5th and 6th grades on a year-round track with that of 40 students on a traditional track in the same school, which found no achievement gap

  • Kids need brakes

    Children are not robots and should not be treated like one. Even though, year round school helps kids learn more it does not give Children the brakes that they need. Even though, Children still have to go to school to have a education they should not be subjected to short summer vacation

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