Do you want the Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ to happen soon, So he can eliminate all suffering in the World?

  • If it's real then

    You don't really have a choice do you? If you believe in Christianity like a lot of people the second coming of Christ is not optional, It's fact to them.

    There is nothing wrong with Jesus, But people sure seem to be an issue. I say let it happen.

    Revelation 4:10
    The four and twenty elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, And worship him that liveth for ever and ever, And cast their crowns before the throne, Saying,

    Revelation 14:7
    Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, And give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, And earth, And the sea, And the fountains of waters.

  • Yes, But only because I don't believe it will happen

    My family is very Christian, But, I just find it hard to believe any major religion. My grandma said that when Jesus comes back to earth (if he even does) then he will give people one last chance to repent from their sins and turn to god. She also told me that faking your belief in Christ is worthless, So if I see this happen than I would believe and not go to hell.

  • Hail to the king

    Jesus will get rid of all the degenerate sodomite scum!

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  • JESUS? It's been 2000 years = NO SHOW

    Long before JESUS showed up as a BABY? (a baby GOD how absurd)
    there were countless GODS. . . What remained in the Middle east after
    JESUS was executed. . (a GOD executed. . How absurd) it took 600 years
    for ALLAH to arrive for the Muslims. . After ALLAH there were 3 Middle East GODS. . The JEW GOD - JESUS - ALLAH. . . . Regardless, None of them
    are available or VISIBLE to their human creation. And what of all the
    many they can't be named or listed. . . Where did they all go? Golfing!

    JESUS is another human construct used as a TOOL. . A tool by so many
    CHURCHES none of which agree with each other yet use JESUS as their PUPPET for control of their flock. .

    The GODS are human fabrications that come and go like the humans who invent them. . . The new generations understand this since information to see the truth of how GODS are used for mind and life
    OPPRESSION ( feat-intimidation-violence) to OBEY or be punished with.

    HUMANS are extraordinary and NEVER NEED a GOD to exist and THRIVE. . . They need to BELIEVE in themselves and collectively work
    together to innovate a safe and "OPEN MINDED" existence where
    fear-intimidation-violence are irrelevant as NECESSARY for CONTROL

    PUPPET JESUS and the other GODS must be relegated to MYTHOLOGY just like ZEUS and ODIN. . . In time thi is inevitable

  • I don't believe in a deity.

    I don't believe in such an event where a walking zombie that walks on water comes back to life and brings a utopia to everyone. I don't think suffering could ever be eliminated. I also don't even believe in a deity. This is going to get a "NO" vote from me.

  • No people are not ready

    The Christians are in absolute chaos. They are teaching all manners of weird doctrines and the American Christians only pray for money.
    Perry stone false teacher. Jim Bakker false teacher. Christian band singers that became artiest or gay or are selfish people that want to make money and be famous.

    If Jesus were to come only a few people would go. You yourself do not even know what you are asking for. I want Jesus to come but I have people to save.

  • The question presupposes the premise.

    If such an event were guaranteed to occur, And thereby end human suffering, There would be few grounds upon which to reject such an event. The ending of human suffering is a massive moral good.

    Unfortunately, The question has taken for granted the idea that this event is likely to occur at all. I take the negative position not as an actual position on the issue, But rather as a position on the way the question is posed.

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