• Solve the problem of overpopulation.

    Humans are currently de-evolving and headed towards hunched backs and poor eyesight from computer screens and smartphones. We need to regain our fighting spirit and sense of community.

    All the running around might finally tackle obesity.

    Plus it would be a nice story for the history books if a small band of humans defeated a world taken over by zombies.

  • Of course I do

    I mean who wouldn't want to be in a zombie apocalypse, I mean it would be so cool (except the people who said no)! First off, you get to wear cool leather clothes and act like the edgy teenager we all have inside of us. Secondly, you get to use guns and knifes to kill the zombies. And thirdly, you can make new friends while saving the world, or die while trying

  • I'm about the closest thing to a Mary Sue available in any societal collapse or apocalypse.

    As a guy who invested in about a ton of MRE's and distilled water, a bicycle generator that I built when I was 11*, several batteries, and a HAM radio, I should be fine. (I did this after I saw Supervolcano, the one where Yellowstone blows) You can watch it here.

    *I really did build a bicycle generator. It's not terribly efficient, but it works.

  • No are you out of your mind?

    Being attacked by half-dead things that run around with their eyeballs hanging out of their sockets? Fighting for life while you watch every person who has ever loved or cared for you die and become animals that want to rip you apart? No thanks, I think I'll pass on this one. I hope everyone got the message.
    Everyone who says yes to this question only thinks about the theoretical side to a zombie apocalypse, which is 'surviving and being able to fight people without breaking the law' I'm guessing. They don't really consider the REALITY of the possibility of one. By the reality of a zombie apocalypse, I mean that a very large portion of the Earth's population would get infected straight away, and these people could possibly include everyone you love.

  • Depends on what you mean by In a Zombie Apocalypse:

    Do you mean, you want the world to end and spend the rest of your life fighting zombies and fighting for survival. Then NO

    people who ask this question should stop and consider, what makes them so special, that they think they would not be infected right from the start of the Apocalypse, they could end up as a zombie as easily as any one else.

    Something that would really scare these people is this hypothetical situation, what if this so called Zombie apocalypse, happened right after gun control laws were enforced (as in right after the police/army collected all the guns), meaning no civilian would be able to own a gun.

  • Not my idea of fun

    No, I would not want to be in a zombie apocalypse, thank you very much. Zombies are disgusting and scary. I have never liked zombie movies. Some say they like the idea of blasting them; I can't say I find that appealing. In short, it's not my idea of fun.

  • Not especially, no

    We've all thought about what we would do to survive and the fun parts of it. Should it ever become reality (which is obviously pretty unlikely) the fact of the matter is when it stops being fun it REALLY stops being fun. It's not a scenario anybody should be hoping for outside of a video game they play.

  • I am zombie fodder.

    In a zombie apocalypse I would be a tasty snack for a horde of zombies. I am overweight, slow, and not much of a survivalist. My house typically only has a few days worth of food in it so I would either be eaten by a zombie or starve to death shortly after the apocalypse begins.

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