• Gotta die of something.

    Fact is, nobody dies being perfectly healthy yet everyone dies. You could just as easy ask if you want to die in a car wreck, or any other ways to die and get about the same answer from everyone. Seeing that they don't really WANT to die, unless they are suicidal, they would obviously answer "No" no matter what cause.
    Just as being in a moving car puts you at risk of dying in a car accident. The more hours your in a car makes it more likely that you will die because of it. Same with smoking. The more you do it, the more likely you will die from it. Again, the same thing about living. The longer you live, the more likely you will die from some age related cause.

  • One cigarette can change your future forever!!!

    The disadvantages of smoking far outweigh the benefits. Nowhere is this seen better than with smoking's effects on the lungs. The American Lung Association estimates that cigarettes have 600 ingredients. When exposed to fire, the reaction creates an additional 4,000 chemicals, many of which are carcinogens. When exposed to the tissues of the mouth, esophagus and lungs, these chemicals can cause serious damage. This damage can lead to serious health problems, including emphysema and cancer.

  • Smoking doesn't just kill you, it kills the other around you too.

    Smoking is bad. Like really bad, for your health and even others too. When your smoking, only you won't get injured, the people around you who breathe in that smoke also get their respiratory system damaged.
    Smoking can cause mouth and lung cancer, which is probably very painful to live with, and for your family to live with, and even more painful for them to live without you.

  • Smoking is cool

    Smoking looks very cool and can totally alter the appearance of someone. Imagine: a person in an urban city dressed nicely with a cigarette in their hand-its chic, right?! Although, it is unhealthy, it can cure a person from sugar cravings and can generally make them more relaxed overall, I think smoking is very fun and everyone should try it

  • Not at all, really.

    I can't actually see myself dying from SMOKING, per se. People usually die from the cancer that smoking *inevitably* brings, and I can say without a doubt that I would rather die from age than cancer. You never specified smoking tobacco anyways, perhaps you mean marijuana. In which case, maybe, but not until I live a long fruitful life.

  • No.You have so much to live for

    Fact is,you die more quicker from smoking. Why would you rather die quicker than enjoy the life you have been given,it just makes no sense to me hearing all these comments saying that smoking is cool and that you have to die from smoking,yes you do have to die eventually but it does not have to be from smoking,smoking just increases your risk for death rather than decreasing it.And to reply to some of the comments who say that smoking is cool,guess what,It is NOT cool. It may make you feel calm and happy but the fact is when you are addicted to cigarettes and you are without one you go crazy. It is best you just find happiness in other activities that are natural and normal for your brain. Like spending time with family,helping animals,helping homeless people,and helping others who have addictions to drugs,alcohol,or even cigarettes.

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