• I have been to Disney World

    And I know that you stand in lines for a long time and it's expensive. When you are in Disney world, though, you can't see all of the rides and attractions in one time unless you can go all day, and even then you'll won't see everything most likely. Just because it's called a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience doesn't mean that you shouldn't try, at least, to see it twice.

  • Disney World is the Best

    Disney world is so much fun. It may cost a lot but it is a great experience. Nobody can see it all in one sitting. As for money, I agree that it is expensive but if you have a nice financial sum you could go again and have a great time.

  • Of course I will be going to Disney world again

    So everyone complains about the price and crowds. Well it does not cost more then other vacations(where you are seeing tourist attractions most the time). Its $1300 for a family of four to get into Disney for a week. Course if you book the best of everything the price will be way to high. My husband and I usually spend 3000-4000 on vacations that last 7-10 days. That includes driving 26 hours to Disney, hotels, food, and souvenirs. We are a family of four and we have stayed at pop century and Caribbean beach on two different trips. The crowds are not really that bad as long as you go in the off season. We used fast passes and got to the parks early and never waited more then 30minitues for a ride. There is so much to do that we can never see all the rides and shows and experience everything we want to on one trip. Plus the all inclusiveness of Disney is awesome we park our car and don't move it again till its time to go home. Though the wait for the bus's can be longer then 20min at the value resorts during busy times (around park opening or closing, especially when fantastic gets out). It is worth it to us to not have to drive. If you don't want to wait for the bus you can drive to the parks for free if you are staying onside. The shows and parades are awesome. For the rides though you need to like Disney to appreciate them. Only about 15%-20% are thrill rides. Disney world is our favorite vacation spot and we go back every chance we get.

  • Disney is great no matter what age

    I've grown up with Disney and I've come to realise that the older I get, the more I fall in love with it. Therefore, yes, I do want to go to Disney 'again'. I want to savour every minute of Disney. I want to continue to lose myself in Walt Disney's wonderful creations.

  • Did it twice. Never again.

    Went a year ago to the Orlando Disney parks. I was surprised how outdated and disappointing it was. The park attractions and themes were archaic, boring, and insulting at the same time. The tickets were expensive. The rides are not exciting enough for anyone over the age of eight. The food and drink is costly. The messages and themes they send out to kids were shocking. I wouldn't want my kids to be brainwashed there! Everything is commercialised to high hell to dime more dollars out of my pocket. Shops, and shops, restaurants, everywhere! Where are the attractions when you want them???? I wouldn't want to waste my money on that commercialised tripe. When you do find a ride it would sometimes be some 'classic', which basically means they've done bugger all to replace them with better rides. I don't think most kids would pick a dull 1950's attraction with cheesy music over a modern roller coaster, and 3D screenings are already done to death in cinema so it's nothing new when you see it in the park. There a ton load of screenings and presentations, and all of them seem to be advertising something eg come to Canada, come to china, watch these sets of Disney endorsed films, look how great Walt was with this doc you could probably look up on youtube ect. Kids find things like Captain Eo boring and some were practically screaming coming out of that creepy doll ride "It's a small word". The waiting times were atrocious for rides, attractions, and Mickey mouse autographs. By the end of it was floored how awful the experience was and how many people can rate this repulsive commercial rip-off park. Admittedly I quite liked Animal Kingdom but I could of got a similar experience by visiting a zoo.

  • It's a once in a lifetime experiance

    The reason its called a once in a lifetime experience is because of:

    1. It costs so much
    2. If you go there once, all the rides get old and boring
    3. The wait on the rides is at least 20 min
    4. It takes up so much time that is wasted and most of it is walking and standing in line

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grecomsc2014 says2013-11-19T15:14:56.463
I always want to go back to Disney World. I absolutely love it there. The rides, the food, the hotels,, the characters, the pure excitement. Everything there is different from the normal life at home. It's like you have stepped into a magical world. It's a place where anyone, no matter how old can feel like a kid again. It brings you back to your childhood of imagination.