• I want children

    I am a woman, and I want to have children when I am older. The reason I want children is because I want to pass down my thoughts and my blood down to where it could be special. I mean, wouldn't just feel the happiest if your child that is YOURS made done something so good? Like, became a powerful CEO of a popular company to stop child labor? Or a scientist who found the cure for cancer? Maybe I may not be fit for a scientist but maybe my child could. And just the love of being a parent sounds amazing. I want to be a working mother and I want a great job. And I want to work hard for it.

  • Only one kid, and they don't necessarily have to be biological.

    I would like a child I guess because I feel like I would be a good parent, I'm patient and love playing games, drawing, teaching, and I think I set good examples for how to treat others and be successful. It would be gratifying to know that I would leave the world a little better if only by just one person, and I don't care how they live their life as long as they are happy and good to others.

  • My Heir Will Bring Prestige To My Family

    I fully intend to have children as I want to produce a glorious heir who will succeed me. He must be strong, smart, attractive and gregarious for me to approve of him. Under no circumstances would I accept a female as my heir. I hope he will bring prestige to my family and I will take all the necessary steps in order to make sure he does. I will be keeping close tabs on him at all times including knowing his friends, his teachers, and everyone else who could corrupt my perfect child. I will have him marry a lady of my choosing to ensure that his bloodline remains prestigious. I am sure that is the reason why many people choose to have children, and I am no exception.

    Parents and aspiring parents, Stand With Me In Solidarity!

  • It all depends

    I personally would like 2-3 children. However, i may never end up having any if the economic climate is bad. However, i recognize the dire need in the west for people to have at least 3 children per person to ensure population stagnation and security of the economy, the social safety net, and the nation its self. We need to raise children to ensure the continuation of the American people.

  • Pretty sure that's why I have genitalia

    I know I have a choice to have kids and what not but besides going to the bathroom I think I have junk specifically for continuation of my legacy and genes. I honestly can't wait to have a son or daughter because I see many parents, even my own, enjoy the company of children. I believe people just don't want to have kids because of the early stages. Eh I believe that if my parents could put up with me while I was an infant/toddler then I can too.

  • Absolutely not, under any circumstances

    I've never wanted to have children and I don't enjoy being around children for long periods of time.
    I find most children to be rather unruly and unpleasant (granted, I know that is a result of parenting and not the child's fault). I didn't even really like other kids when I was a kid. I usually would hang around the adults and participate in adult conversations. My friends were always the smartest people in school and we didn't tend to play with barbies as much as we would play 'government'.
    I know that because I am a woman, I am supposed to want to have tons of children and be content taking care of them and my husband but I would never be happy in that kind of life.
    I don't enjoy being a caretaker and being a parent is a full time care taker role. I know myself well enough that I would never have a child because I know that I would end up resenting them and creating a miserable life for myself and for them.

  • Not for me.

    I am 42 years old and have never been married. Between a mixture of luck, being careful, and a long celibate stretch I have never had a child. If one of my girlfriends over the years had gotten pregnant, I would have faced my responsibility-- but to be honest I was not the most responsible person in my 20s and 30s. I would have done a terrible job.

    Now I am dating a woman with grown children who is unable to have more biologically, which is fine with me. It's a little late in the game for me to consider having a child now.

  • Not necessarily no

    Being a parent does not appeal to me. If I were to have children, I'd feel as though I'm only doing it because of external pressures, not because I want to. Being a parent is an enormous responsibility and I've heard too many stories about neglect; hot car deaths and children who die from treatable illnesses because their religious parents stubbornly favored prayer over medicine. Parenthood may be the norm, but that doesn't make it mandatory.

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