• By definition Utopia means theres no downsides.

    If we stick to the literal definition of utopia "an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. " then there is no reason to press no. If everything is perfect then there's no argument that can be made. There will be no suffering because it would be a perfect world and yet it wouldn't get bland because of its a perfect world. Since a utopia is just an imagined world every argument to be made against it can be shot down by "but if its a perfect world that wouldn't happen".

  • Utopia is a peaceful world

    Who doesn't want to live in a world that is peaceful and perfect? In an utopia, The government is perfect, There are no wars and it is full of high-tech things. In an utopia, You can do whatever you want and we don't need to worry about wars again. That's the perfect world everybody wants!

  • Utopia is robotic

    The reason you would be miserable in Utopia is pretty simple. You would not have free will and would simply be a robot. Unlike many preprogrammed organisms on earth that must do exactly what they are programmed to do humans have free will. This allows us to love most importantly and without love how could you be happy? Free will is what allows mistakes to happen and unfortunately bad things but the only way to have the good is free will and you cannot have a perfect utopia with free will. The only way to have utopia would be if humans were robotic and did exactly what they were preprogrammed to do. Zero freedom which also makes a human miserable.

  • Its easy to say that its a good idea now, Until you enter one

    Without the bad, You will never know the good. Without suffering you will never know pleasure. Without chaos you will never know peace. No, Living in a "perfect" world, Nobody will be satisfied. Emotions will gradually turn from happiness, To blandness, And finally back to suffering in a quick time frame. For happiness to prosper, The world depends on the balance of the other feelings.

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