• Underwear comforts me.

    I'm always glad to know that my pants aren't going be stained.
    I stay sane when I have something covering my private areas.

    What if an accident happens? What if someone pulls down my pants or ruins my shirt? Underwear reduces:

    - the risk of being visibly gross in public.
    - the chance of having some "things" show.
    - the stress that comes with having your "things" in a normal shape.

    Plus, in cooler weather, underwear comes in handy when I need that little bit of warmth. So anytime I go running in the freezing rain, I can thank my underwear for at least being there for me.

    Not only does underwear help keep my mind clear, I don't have to worry about looking stupid as much as someone who forgets to wear something underneath their clothes.

  • No never, Whoa

    Underwear is superfluous to society. Did our hominoid ancestors wear underwear? No. If it was good enough for the early Neanderthals, it's good enough for me.

    Also, Scottish people wear kilts. Kilts are so cool. You don't have to wear underwear with them and they're a cultural tradition. Wearing underwear is racist to them.

    Underwear is expensive.

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