Do you weep for the future in light of all of the spelling/grammar errors found on this website?

Asked by: KHowell83
  • I think its apaling.

    People should learn too read and right correctly. Their is to much illiteracy in this world. OK, all jokes aside, it really irks me. The time it gets to me the most is when journalists commit the same sin - these are people whose livelihoods are meant to depend on their ability to communicate clearly, effectively and accurately. I also spend a fair bit of time in primary schools, eavesdropping on young teachers interacting with very small children in their first attempts to read and perform basic maths. It's terrifying - not the kids, the teachers.

  • Yes. I lose sleep over it.

    It's embarrassing. I can't take people seriously when they don't have the decency to spell check. Good grief! Don't even get me started on the there/their/they're, where/wear, effect/affect issues. When peoples' posts are littered with misspellings, I can't take them seriously. I honestly don't know whether they are just trying to troll.


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  • Yes yes yes and HELL yes!

    Spell Check is great, but auto-correct can really mess things up. And then there's speech-to-text and voice recognition that make things worse. Personally, I believe all this has made us lazy. When I was in school (yes, I know how that sounds, but I'm only in my mid 30's), there wasn't any spell check, auto-correct, speech-to-text, voice recognition, or Grammarly plugins. We had to learn to spell without technological assistance. In fact, as I sit here, typing this out, I am correcting my own spelling as I go, ensuring I utilize proper capitalization and punctuation, and all without help. What I'm about to say may sound crazy, and paranoid, and probably even like some whack-job conspiracy, but it's my opinion that the best way to control people is to limit the language they use to express themselves through a form of intellectual censorship. You change the meanings of some words to suit, and you completely drop others, so that over time, people get dumbed down more and more, and spoon feed them carefully selected intellectual stimulus that they get to the point where they have such a narrowly defined intellectual perception that they will believe almost anything they are told about the outside world or even internal politics, and are so much more pliant, and less likely to buck the "norm" despite whatever abuses of power are effected by their ruling class, because they don't understand that they don't know any better, and they can't think about options and alternatives if they don't even know they exist. The best example of this was after the American Civil War. As you know, the South lost, and slavery was abolished. Legally, plantation owners had to let the slaves go. Not all of them were bad people, and not all of them treated their slaves poorly. In light of that, some plantation owners offered their former slaves wages, and the opportunity to stay on as free men, hired. However, many plantation owners simply neglected to inform the slaves that anything had changed, and if the slaves had no outside contact, and nobody to properly educate them, they had no idea they didn't have to stay, and as a result, in many places in the Deep South, it was more than 20 years before they were freed because the North just didn't have the resources to go door-to-door making sure everybody knew, and at the time, most of the slaves couldn't read or write so printing "Congratulations on winning your freedom" posters was no help. The people with the money are the ones making all the important decisions behind closed doors while we're told it's for our own good, and our quality of life and education slowly decay while we go through life getting everything handed to us, making us docile, unthinking, and grossly uninformed about world while the One Percent rule us through corporations. Spelling and grammar are just the symptom and you can't treat the symptom. You have to treat the cause.

  • There is a Spell Check Option

    I completely understand that not everyone is gifted in the spelling department. I certainly am not good at spelling. The reason excessive grammar mistakes on this website make me (and a lot of other people) so annoyed is the fact that there is an option to use spell check, yet many people don't utilize the option at all. I'm not saying everybody's grammar needs to be perfect, but people should at least check their spelling.

  • No, I don't care for grammar Nazis.

    If you first argument is to criticize every slight grammar mistake then you are missing the point completely. Granted something that is well written is easier to read, but I have read many things which are not perfect and they are easy to read. Also, this website is not only used by English majors. Also, if you want correct spelling use the English spelling and not American spelling. After all its called English, not blooming Americanese.

  • When compared to the past we're getting better.

    Throughout most of history the ability to read and right has been reserved for the extremely fortunate. Only since around the year 1940 has education around the word really began to take off. Until that spelling and grammar errors among the proletarians were even more egregious the only difference is that now through social media there is a greater capacity to observe all the mistakes. While I admit that work needs to be done to decrease the mistakes I still think that weeping for the future is premature.

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-05-27T05:51:57.277
Left Right Left Right. Here they come the Grammar Nazis out in force. ;)