Do you wish that racial segregation was brought back?

Asked by: garyjones027
  • Lets be honest with ourselves.

    Why can't everyone agree that people want their own race to survive and not go extinct? Everyone would be more comfortable if we re-segregated. The best option would be to separate the United states in certain areas. People that prefer to be with their own race, an area for people that prefer to be interracial, and an area for people who can care less. Everyone shouldn't look at this so negatively. Everyone embraces their own culture. If you don't than you're lying to yourself.

  • I am from the South and racial segregation has always been part of Southern culture.

    I do not support racial integration. It violates Southern culture. I wish racial segregation returned as it is part of Southern culture and always have been. I wish there was a law in the United States in which whites and non-whites were segregated as this also has been part of American culture before the 1960s.

  • Absolutely Yes Please

    It is better for everyone if we do not have to deal with each other. By not having segregation we are forcing people to do things they do not want to do by diversifying everything. If segregation was brought back equally everyone would be more happy and there would be less depression. We should also relocate geographically.

  • Yes absolutely indeed

    There will always be racism. It will never end. The only solution is to separate the people who obviously can’t get along with each other.
    Everyone is going to say this is all on the side of white people. . But it’s not. It is beneficial for both races so why not?

  • Yes it should

    I prefer company of my own race. I have no hate for other races, but I'm sure if segregation was allowed again it would great for whites. The funny thing is white people never longed for the company of minorities. Truth of the matter whites take care of their neighborhoods, communities, schools, and business's so much better than the minority counterparts do. I would definitely rather live segregated,but make no mistake the minorities would have jealousy and envy most likely would try to come over to the white side, because we would live slot better lives than they would. This is the truth. This is why minorities cried for segregation to be over decades ago. Biggest mistake the United States ever did was end segregation.

  • Why force integration?

    We force people who hate each other to live with one another. We don't even need laws to partition areas in my opinion. If we give people freedom of association, they will most often choose to live with their own people. This people could be any group one identifies with whether racial, linguistic, cultural, or political. Forcing nonwhites to live among whites causes strife and is the most racist policy I can think of. The crime in racially diverse areas show this. People are stirring up racial tensions and then pushing for forced racial integration through law. This is crazy and should be stopped. White people are being replaced through our current policies that are extremely anti-White. People would self-segregate (you already do this in your everyday life) if laws didn't promote multiculturalism.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Why does this exist?

    No. It's 2015. There is absolutely no reason to do this. This can extend past a moral argument. Restaurants refusing to serve colored customers are losing business. Small businesses already have a difficult time staying open, imagine if they began denying service to customers willing to pay because of the color of their skin. Not to mention the economic costs it would take to develop "separate but equal" establishments for both sides of the spectrum. That's just small businesses. Major corporations (McDs, Apple, Wal-Mart) don't care about what color you are. They just want your money. Not to mention the complete lack of feasibility of such a backwards, disgusting, stupid law making it through a diverse Congress with a black President. It's morally, socially, and economically idiotic.

    Posted by: Sdio
  • This question should not even exist

    Segregation had been in America for a long time, but many other bad things have existed for a long time as well, such as disease, and we do not support disease any where in the world. Segregation's end required so many deaths and so many imprisoned or injured( think of those in the marches for freedom) and we African Americans had to fight and fight and fight for generations just to be accepted as equals and we still to this very day get treated with less opportunities and privileges.

  • Why is this a question? Is this a troll question?

    Racism is bad. Segregation only reinforces the idea in a racists mind that there is something inherently different about someone of another race, even though in reality the only difference is appearance.
    When people of different races are forced to mingle and live near each other it makes then more tolerant and less ignorant of each other.
    This is ridiculous.

  • Honestly fuck you guys

    You guys think segregation should be brought back? You fucking cunts. Get a life and stop spreading your negativity. You are a disgrace to this country. Racism is never the answer you absolute fucking bitch. I think everyone should come together and be peaceful together. Anyone who says otherwise can throw hands with me

  • Absolutely Not, Why?

    Why should we punish people, and desperate them from us just because they are born with some thing they have absolutely no control over? There has been so much hatred, and violence in the past over the issue of blacks not receiving fair rights. They have finally achieved their goal, and may now do whatever whites are allowed, so I must ask you this, do you really want to go through that hell again?

  • No, Just No

    Even though these days, college students want "safe places", segregation was very harmful. Segregation promoted violence and inequality for lots of people, it should never, ever be brought back.
    I really don't know what else to say. I mean, segregation was an issue of yesterday, I really don't know what else i can say about it.

  • Are you kidding me!

    Is this a real question? Racial segregation is probably the worst thing that's happened to America. For all of those people who are in favor of racial segregation, think of the people who are being oppressed. I wish that people just weren't so racist and actually respected others' racial differences.

  • Really? After all this time?

    We've been fighting racial segregation for years- people have suffered, e.G.. Nelson Mandela suffering in prison for 27 YEARS. And racial segregation would make us lose all of our diversity and therefore lose the strong communities that we have built around the world. We need to keep ourselves together before one race ends up killing the other or treating them terribly.

  • Oh My God Bigots

    People, deal with integration. How do you think black people feel about segregation? Just go jump in a bayou before the fried catfish gives you a heart attack. You're the same people who wanted the south to SEE-cede (yeehaw!) and you got your butts kicked. If you want this you should have fought better.

  • Is this a actually question? Like, da phuq?

    If you actually think you are right and agree with this you must be a inbreed that supports the confederate flag and sleeps with your siblings. Like is this even a topic to argue about. If you really agree with this then you should just drink bleach to keep yourself white.

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Forthelulz says2015-12-08T03:12:34.633
How about segregation by citizenship?
Vox_Veritas says2015-12-08T04:07:41.667
Segregation as practiced in the past was always unequal. Whites always got the better stuff (I.E. Drinking fountains, bathrooms, parking spaces, etc). If resegregation is to even be considered one must first ensure that each race has access to equal-quality public stuff.
beetlejuicesqueen says2015-12-10T00:22:13.963
This is so stupid we are all the same people under our skin we all have bones blood cells we are all the same no one is a better race no one is above each other hate is for children hating another race enough to not want to be in the same room as them is just hating yourself because once again we are all the same