• Yes, I do whenever I have a free moment.

    In the summer and fall. (June-November), I am running cross country. It is usually the winter months that I gain 15 pounds. (Not kidding) I hibernate. Then go back into sports and lose it all. I have been working out for 2 hours a day of intense exercise. I have found that is my definition of a lot because I have to balance school, extra activities, and work also.

  • No, twice a week is not a lot.

    No, I do not work out a lot, because I would be healthier if I worked out more. I have had some illness lately, but I know that I have no excuse. The excuses I made are usually related to my work and kids, but I could be healthier if I made working out a priority. I make it twice a week, and that is not very much.

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