• Yes, Terrorism concerns me

    I do worry about terrorism, but I don't let that concern dictate how I live my life. I feel like terrorism is much more prevalent in other countries even though it occurs in the US. I live in a low risk area, don't travel by air often so I don't worry too much about terrorism personally affecting me, but rather the effects on the US as a whole.

  • We're all safe

    If no one has noticed, the terrorists like ISIS are killing people in their own country. Terrorists have no way to attack North Americans, which ISIS and other terrorists refer to as the west. We are all safe there is absolutely no way ISIS or any other regime can attack us. Even if the Western world was attacked, just like in World War 2 with Japan attacking America, there will be serious repercussions

  • More Likely to Die in Car Accident

    If a terrorist wants to destroy something, they will do so no matter how many anti-terror laws are passed in Congress. I'm more worried about dying in a car accident than a terrorist killing me. There are thousands of terrorists every day in America who shoot each other with guns, do drugs, rape women and abuse children. Let's focus on helping the victims of these domestic violence terrorists rather than jihadists from half a world away.

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