Do young people enjoy life more than older people?

  • They have no responsibilities.

    Young people are not entangled in the shackles of responsibilities. For example, older people have responsibility to take care of their children, to earn money, to complete their work, etc. These responsibilities restrict them to enjoy their life. Moreover, whenever they try to do something to enjoy life they prefer their children first.

  • They have less responsibilities.

    Old people have so much responsibilities including taking care of children and controlling their business. Young people have more opportunities because they have so much energy. This gives them a wider range of options in comparison to older people, and these various options offer many more ways to find happiness. That is, unless you are vigorous, it is hard to enjoy life to its fullest.

  • Older people know life better

    No, younger people do not enjoy life more than older. I think it could be a even split. On one side younger people are still trying to find their way in life and that involves large pot holes and failures. While older people have been there and done that and have learned to appreciate what they had and what they have.

  • No. Old people seem to enjoy life through appreciating it!

    No. Young people are often so caught up in their lifestyle choices, relationship woes, social media outlets and their professional lives that they often lose sight of how great it is to simply enjoy life. Older people seem enjoy the simpler things so much easier than young people do. Just sitting with friends and having a cup of coffee is perfectly enjoyable for a senior citizen. They just seem to appreciate being alive and being able to see the people they are about. Young people could learn a thing or two for their elders.

  • Young people do more but appreciate less

    Young people in general are more adventurous and likely to see and do more unique things then older people. It's these experiences as young people that lead you to appreciate the smaller aspects of life more later in life. Young people don't truly appreciate what they have till they experience some hardships in their lives.

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