• Teens are always respectful.

    Parents are asking for more respect than they give teens. And when teens don't give their parents that respect, Parents go online and to the people they know and say bad things about us! TEENS NEED RESPECT TOO. INSTEAD OF SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT US, YOU SHOULD JUST TRY THE THING WE DO EVERYDAY, AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT TEENS ARE BETTER.

  • Children are very heartless

    Children these day’s yell at their elders. They make fun of their elders. They make fun of how ugly their elders look. And they even say bad things such as “I wish you were dead”. These things make their elders feel horrible to the point where they actually could suicide, hate themselves, and even cry. At this point I think it’s fair to say that you have to show at least a little respect to your elders.

  • Age discrimination is wrong

    These days adults expect to be treated like gods. Age has absolutely nothing to do with how much respect you get. I am a middle school student and when a kid try's to speak their mind or defend themselves when a teacher accuses them of something it is seen as back talk. First of all there's nothing wrong with back talk and second of all we have the right to stand up for ourselves! Please comment!😀 And stand up to age discrimination!

  • Yes, especially considering how the older generation treats us.

    They blame us for LITERALLY EVERYTHING. As if they hadn't made enough problems for us to solve already. It's not a matter of respecting your elders, it's a matter of MUTUAL respect. Age shouldn't have anything to do with it. You respect me, I'll respect you. It's a s simple as that.

  • They are revered.

    Yes, young people show enough respect to their elders, because young people for the most part really appreciate what their ancestors do. Young people are trying to make their way in a tough world, but that does not mean they do not respect their elders. If anything, they appreciate that they need them more than ever before.

  • I was fired after 28 years because of disrespectful young people

    I worked for the National Weather Service as a meteorologist for 28 years. I worked for both a river forecast center for se USA rivers and then for the Mississippi River valley. When I worked at the se USA river forecast center I was looked at as an incredibly good rainfall forecast and received many rewards.

    Then two years ago I was hired for the Mississippi River valley forecast center. The management and the younger folks didn't care about good rain forecasts. They just took what Washington gave them. A few months ago I argued over and over again that Shreveport was going to get hard with a lot of rain. And did they heed my forecast and give me respect being much older than them? NO!!!!!! And sure enough Shreveport got hit bad with horrible rains and floods.

    Then because I was recovering from Lyme Disease and I was older they didn't give me the chance to recover completely. The young folks made fun of me, they would exaggerate mistakes I made as I was a rookie in that office but still had 22 years in a river forecast setting. There was no respect. Then my wife had a metastatic cancer scare. I took time off to take her to MD Anderson. She was in awful pain with a five centimeter tumor in her liver. It turned out benign.

    My slightly younger boss told me not to come back, she was firing me. And she didn't say well maybe I could go to a non operational office or something until the Lyme was over. She did not like me and for personal reasons she wanted me out of the federal service.

    Just a few weeks after I was fired they had that tropical depression hit Louisiana and just sit there. Baton Rouge got 30 inches of rain! If I was there, I know I would have seen it coming. As a result, their river forecasts stunk by being behind the ball all the way and chasing up river crests, 60 thousand people became homeless, property damages in the hundreds of millions etc. And I could have made a difference.

    I was fired, then people died in my area of responsibility.

    Why? Because young people don't want to listen to the elders recognizing familiar conditions that brought on heavy floods from the past. They think they know it all.

  • No there disrespectful and rude

    I work In retail so I deal with everyday they come in and think it's funny to mock you my job is front of store so we get the brunt of there abuse we gave to watch them like a hawk Incase they Nick stuff our tend to throw food or commit acts of vandalise just for sheer spite one idiot decided to try and set fire to a packet of toilet rolls on the toilet roll aisle if that gone up it could have started a serious fire with customers in the store They break the lifts so we have to call out the fire brigade theyve got better things to do than come and deal with stupid teenagers messing around in a lift and we can't say anything we have to bite our tongue and smile I Walk home from work and I get abuse on the streets usually gangs of kids aged 10 to 13 sadly think the gang culture is cool so they threaten people and say the most with vile comments to you parents don't care respect is earned not given so I've no respect for them

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  • Children are spoiled

    I am personally a young adult and I see my people be very cruel to elders in there face. I believe that children need discipline but physical punishment isn't always the answer. Some young people may need a spanking sometimes but in many circumstances physical punishment may cause mental scaring and much unnecessary stress. I think there needs to be a reform in the government education system. Only then can we hope to instill respect for others in the young generations today.

  • No respect for young people

    When my grandma was alive--her fun was putting me down and comparing me to her "perfect" grandchildren--no matter what I said or did it was never enough for her--when she was dying I came to see her and her so called darling grandchildren never came to the hospital I am glad the old bat is dead!!!!

  • I do not think young people show enough respect to their elders

    I think kids should start showing respect to their elders. Some kids are super rude these days. But with all of that said, I do think that elders should show respect also. You're not going to get respect if you're an angry old person yelling at kids. They're going to not show respect back.

  • not at all

    Being old in this country definitely has a stigma. Not all people treat elderly people with respect. Not all deserve the same respect but I think that younger generations do need to show a bit more respect for their elders. The older generations raised the younger generations and I think that we (the youngers) need to in turn help the older generation out if need be.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe young people show enough respect to their elders. I believe the younger generation was done a grave disservice by their parents when they didn't instill manners and politeness into their everyday way of interacting with people. I believe this has directly affected the way the younger generation interacts with the older generations.

  • A New Age

    I believe that children, teens, and young adults these days have a lot to learn about respecting elders. I believe that because of the age of the parents that are now having children, they are not getting the same morals instilled in them, because the parents are baby's themselves. There is no way in the world that I would treat elders the way that I have seen them treated while I am out in public. I also believe that the law has made it hard to discipline and show respect nowadays. When we were kids we could get a "spanking" and it wasn't made into a huge child abuse issue like it is today.

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