• Youth can and should

    I am a 15 year old currently living with 2 younger siblings and wonderful parents I am glad to call Mom and Dad. However the rules that us youth have to follow can sometimes make me sick. I believe that us youth should do what we feel is right. We may stray to a bad path but that is our choice. Parents, Teachers, Assistants, Mentors, and Adults in general are their to guide us through life. Not to be some commander that controls what we can and can't do. If we make a bad decision I am sure most of us will know the consequence. If us teens want to do it than we will do it. I see no problem with what people do, if they do it then they do it. Lecturing them will not take you back in time to prevent if from happening. We have control over our own bodies, mind, and soul.

  • Yes, else the youth merely becomes a copy of everyone else

    If a teenager is given the freedom to make decisions and choices of their own, they experience what it is like to make the wrong one, and therefore how to make the right one in the future. The more we shelter our kids, the more dependent they become on other people telling them what to do and how to do it, and they become unable to sustain themselves independent of others control. The best and brightest of our youth will figure out quickly where they're going and how to get there, but for others it might take a little time.
    Then, when bad mistakes are made that end in people hurt or laws broken, we know it was their decision to do so, and they can be punished accordingly.

  • Freedom means responsibilities

    People who are addicted to their family have less self-confident than others. When they face a problem in life, they may be astonished. However, people who have more freedom than others can face with some problems since they know about how a life sustain. Youth should be more free. They should take some responsibilities to survive because life is really hard.

    Posted by: Umur
  • Yes, they should

    Contrary to what some people believe, teenagers aren't stupid. Most of them, if they don't get freedom will do what they're not allowed to in any case, because they know that their restrictions are ridiculous and most of them are smart enough to know if what they are doing is going to hurt them or not.

  • No Freedom, No Responsibility.

    I'm 12 years old, and I can say this. Usually, kids are put on a path and told that they must conform to society's norms and what their parents say. However, if children don't have some freedoms, then how will they learn to make decisions or tailor the path they go? Their future will already be selected for them, and how is that a good thing?

  • Yes and no

    I am 15 years old. I think that the intellectual difference between a teen and an adult is sometimes exaggerated. There are two differences between us: Hormones and Experience. Hormones make kids go through weird phases where we think differently and choose differently than we normally would, and experience (or lack there of) is part of why teens make bad decisions. The big reason though is lack of freedom. I have seen what happens when a kid is restricted by their parents for too long and snap, and it is not pretty. When a teenager finds out just how much better life is without parents hounding them all the time, they take to the path of drugs, crime, and sex. I see it happen all the time. Some kids can hang on and go all 18 years with out snapping, but some aren't strong enough to get through that. My parents always gave me freedom, not to the point where I could do whatever I want, but to the point where I have lots of experience making my own tough decisions, and kids who have parent's like mine are the ones who turn out the best.

  • Puberty is Why.

    With the mental and physical changes teens are going through, I believe that they should be a bit more restricted. Granted, I'm only sixteen myself, but still set limits on myself as a fear of freedom. Teenagers constantly do stupid things to attempt to attract the opposite sex. Because of this, they get hurt, arrested, or even killed.

  • Freedom is earned not given

    As a young person I would listen to adult voices, but keep in mind you are a people too. If you want to have freedom, choose the voices you listen to and let your own voice be heard. If you feel your parents are too restrictive, tell them. But listen to their answer about their reasons before judging.

  • Too much freedom not enough responsibility.

    Where as I do not support a closed up bringing with little or no personal choice on behalf of the child, I am getting annoyed at the concept of freedom without responsibility. What teenager does not wish they had more freedom, but would they be willing to accept the responsibility that that freedom must demand. Where the media would have us shaking in our homes at the thought of wild gangs of feral youths terrorising our towns and cities, we must look at the up bringing to realise that this sometimes all too real situation has been caused by a lack of discipline, brought on by too much freedom. In my personal experience, a lack of parental interest in the child's upbringing combined with a the litigation culture, removing the idea of personal responsibility a person has for their actions .

    Children today are being brought up in a world that absolves them from any responsibility, Do badly at school, blame the teacher, fall in the street blame the local council, never mind the fact that you were disruptive in class, of you weren't looking where you were going.

    True freedom cannot exist due to the responsibilities that must be accepted, to give freedom with no strings attached would be a mistake.

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