Do zero tolerance violence policies in schools work?

  • It works on some students

    In some ways it works. Most students have a wish to complete high school, so this may deter them from commit egregious acts. While others really do not care. Violence is and issue that parents need to handle with their children individually, it has to stem from somewhere. Depending on the type of violence, this a good policy, but everyone gets into a childhood squabble in schools every now and then.

  • Yes, they do

    The fact of the matter is that zero tolerance policies do work as intended. They give no quarter and no leniency to those who do not respect the rules. While there are examples of kids being caught up in such a policy and being harshly punished, the ends justify the means.

  • Why do you need zero tolerance

    Zero tolerance can make people heartless and cruel. They will get used to zero tolerance that they will be harsh to others!In fact what if those middle schoolers who had zero tolerance treat their future children like that?! Plus if middle school has zero tolerance then there will be more rebelling! It doesnt work at all!

  • No it can lead to bullying and heartlessness

    Of course not! If there was zero tolerance then there will be more peeps rebelling and more people getting bullied for being a "goodie two shoes" plus if people have zero tolerance then they will become heartless and it will affect their future severley. What if those middle schoolers treat their future kids with zero tolerance. Whats the point of having zero tolerance when we have boarding school?

  • Zero Tolerance Means Zero Common Sense

    There have been kids expelled from school for having water guns. One kid got in trouble for a Star Wars figurine because it as "violence-related". Zero Tolerance throws away common sense discretion and results in idiotic outcomes. It is a bandaid policy to make people feel better which is what is wrong with politics. Politics should be about REAL safety NOT making people feel safe when they are not.

  • If Enforced they do a fantastic job

    However, as it were, it is extremely difficult to be able to predict what students might do to harm others, given the vast array of difficult issues that might cause them to be prone to violent behavior. If the guilty student is caught and appropriately punished, they will usually comply from then on; in that way the policies do work.

  • Kids are too immature

    While it sounds good in theory, a zero tolerance for school violence does not work. More and more schools are adopting this policy but the problem is not getting better. Kids are very impulsive and still immature. They often act impulsive and a zero tolerance policy is not going to stop children from fighting.

  • It Doesn't Work

    Many schools around the world have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violence. Those policies do not stop anything. If students want to fight or do something violent they are going to do it and worry about the consequences later. The policies are nice to have, but they have no impact.

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