• I believe that zoos do more harm.

    Animals need space, and zoo enclosures only have a LIMITED amount of space for these magnificent creatures. Besides, how would YOU feel if everyone was staring at you from behind your bars?! Think about it! Cages are basically prison areas designed for animals. They don't have the skills to survive, even if they were let go. Animals are easily stressed, and what could be more stressful than hundreds of humans staring at you and harassing you?

  • They do more harm than good, the animals should be free.

    Animals should be let free and not be kept in zoos where they usually aren't happy because they cant go out into the wild, their true home. They need to live free lives, not lives stuck in cages. Even if the are let free, they don't survive because they don't know the skills to survive.

  • Zoos do more harm than good

    Animals are being hurt in zoos not being taken care of because the chemicals in the cages of the animals can hurt them. Also they get little exercise which makes them weak and fat, and sometimes they get bored because they have nothing to do in their cages but just and eat and walk around. The animals are also put under a lot of stress because of humans constantly watching them or being around them. The major problem with zoos is that animals are kept in closures that don't allow them to live their lives in peace!!! Some zoos actually give anti-depressants or tranquilizers to control the behavior problem of some of their animals. In some situations 200 keepers will step in and take care of the rejected babies, in other situations they choose to simply leave the babies to die. Selling animals is a profitable way for zoos to dispose of the animals. If animals aren't attractive enough they are either sold or traded.

  • Zoos do MUCH more harm, they hurt animals.

    Animals are being hurt in zoos, with all the people staring at them from behind the bars, and moreover, they are hurt by those deadly chemicals in the cages! No one has a right OR a reason to cage them! Besides, for animals, their cages are basically jailhouses where people can stare and heckle the poor animals. That's the LAST thing animals need, a higher stress level!

  • Zoos do a lot of harm to animals.

    Animals in zoo can get zoochosis. That is a disease where animals shows signs of being depressed or angry. I think that when I go to zoos, and look in to those animals eyes and see depressed hearts and souls. Some signs are animals walking in circles and bobbing their heads up and down.

  • We shouldn't have the right to "kidnap" animals and hold them captive for our own selfish needs

    Animals are living things with families and feelings just like ours and they deserve to live their lives the way they want to if we have that right. Animals are stuck in cages forever and they can't do anything about it. They are stuck in tiny cages for the rest of their lives and so our their children if they are forced to mate with another animal. Everything in zoos are unnatural for them and it is sick that we don't care

  • Animals are teased

    Some toddlers and young children tease the animals. The toddlers will use their hands and make the animals follow them, also, food and drinks are spilt on the cages. If an animal is not attractive enough, the zoo will trade or sell the animal for a more attractive animal, or for money profit.

  • Zoos are unfair

    Zoos some times are mean to animals they some times don't feed the animals.Zookeppers sometimes don't feed the animals. How would you feels if you will be kept in captivity it would not feel nice animals also feel like humans.Sometimes Zookeppers abused the animals like hiting them or not feeding them.Also animals are not adapt to the other animals.Animals need to live in there own habitat in the zoo they are not able to walk around because they are kept in a cage.Every since animals are in zoos the keep getting in danger an getting extinct.Five years ago the news said that a Zookepper hit a tiger cub with a belt the cub mom got mad and tear up the man.I like the zoos maybe you should only have two animals of each kind and that way you don't have to keep many animals in captivy these animals are wild and deserve to be free.The Tigers are getting extinct,in China panda are threatened.

  • Zoos do more harm than good

    There are chemicals in the cages that kill 12% of animals. Also zoos are like prison to the animals. How would you feel being all locked up inside of bars? It would not be very comfortable to be cluttered up in a cage with animals you might not know. That is why I think zoos do more harm than good.


    There is no way to properly simulate an animals natural environment. It is almost animal cruelty to keep animals locked up. What right to people have to capture non domestic pets and keep them in a cage? These animals are wild and deserve to be free. Domesticized pets I understand but people go out into the wild just to capture and breed them! NOT OK!!!!!!!!

  • No

    zoos help the animals. Animals in the zoo lives longer then in the wild.
    Other views- Animals generally will live longer in zoos because they don't have the natural predators and diseases they have in the wild. And they have caretakers and veterinarians to care for them. They do have limited space to exercise so that cannot be as good as running in the wild. A new study says that elephants do Not live longer in captivity. That the elephants in the wild live twice as long as those in zoos.

    Their mental state is another factor to consider. They are individuals even in a pack society and have emotions similar to humans, if not the same with some emotions and animals. So if taken from the wild to a zoo, an animal may become distraught by the separation from it's pack and or environment and not do well physically. They can be and are mistreated by some staff but more often by customers of the zoos.

  • Get your facts straight

    People make is sound like animal abuse happens in zoos. Animals are not humans, they are not as self conscious as we are, if you haven't noticed. Zoos help preserve animals (Ex: Pandas from China. China uses bamboo which is what pandas eat. They use it for houses, tools, etc. Pandas are going extinct because of China's constant use for bamboo, which is a plant that takes a long time to grow). In that way, if there are pandas in zoos, they are protected and constantly fed. Also, animals adopted into zoos are often bred (this is good for endangered animals) because they can add to numbers of the healthy and protected of their species (like a rhino). The animals are taken good care of. They are well fed with perfect amounts and are cleaned often. They have a healthy balance. Another pro is that zoos are good entertainment. Kids love animals! It's a great place to be with family and see wild creatures. Although, zoos are not just for entertainment, they are also GREAT education. There are tour guides who teach you about where they live, their behavior, what they eat, whether they travel in packs or are solo, if they are endangered or not, how they got their name, etc. It is an amazing way to learn about animal biology/zoology.
    Many people argue that they are caged up and denied much movement and their natural environment. That is so NOT true. In most cases, their captivities are more than 25 feet wide, and can even be 100+ feet. Also, more closed in environment allow air conditioning/heating to the temps of their natural environment. Zoos provide them trees, rocks, etc., to make them more comfortable. (Ex: Monkeys often have higher habitats and many trees due to their activity often being climbing. Each 'habitat' is specialized for each animal.
    Now you may see the true facts of what goes on in zoos. I actually studied this because I am interested in pursuing the job of zoo keeping. I do not believe that if you don't know the true facts you shouldn't post your opinion. Here's mine, and they mostly facts, which is why Zoos pose VERY little harm and A LOT of good.

  • Zoos provide great benefits

    Zoos offer people a chance to see different types of wildlife up close and personal without coming into harms way. It gives people an opportunity to learn about many animals in one place. As long as the animals are being properly cared for within the zoo, I see that zoos do not cause more harm than good.

    Posted by: jus
  • Zoos do not cause harm

    This is a question I've pondered throughout the years, but every time I visit a zoo, I come to the same conclusion. Zoos are not causing harm. As a matter of fact, most zoos provide animals with safety and shelter, something not all animals get out in the wild. Almost all the zoos that I have visited have provided their animals with an abundant amount of space to roam around and be "free". What's the harm in that?

  • no

    No, as long as the animals are treated humanely. The best zoos are involved in saving and preserving endangered species and re assimilating them into the wild. Many animals are hunted to near extinction in the wild and zoos help keep most of them from disappearing from the earth. My concern about zoos is the living conditions and care of the animals. Some do a better job of it than others.

  • Zoos Could Be Noah's Arcs

    Zoos are great. They give us the opportunity to stop extinction. We need to make sure that happens. There is no excuse for species to keep going extinct when we can captivate a few of them, put them in zoos, and start a breeding program. With zoos we need not worry about anything going extinct anymore if we would just use them to that purpose.

  • Zoos can be extremely harmful to some animals and there are lots of germs and can cause many different viruses.

    Zoos have lots of different things to do which increases the amount of germs in them. And i guaranteed that zoos don't clean every conk and carny of the park. Also many animals get separated from there coleys or family's and can be very depressed and not in the mode for children to see them.

  • Zoos are good

    Zoos can protect animals from diesese and medical care for the animal is there it is safe for animals from preatetars it helps animals that can't survive on there own gives animals good food that keeps them healthys. S ss s s s s e d f. Rr e. E w

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  • Zooz are gooder

    Zoos are good because they protect endangered animals and the zoologists can keep them from getting sick. Zoos also increase the economy and can bring in more income for people. Some people also make their livings off of zoos. If you close down the zoos, Then where will animals and humans go?

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Anonymous says2013-05-07T07:42:20.700
A zoo is like leaving you in a room with random people staring at you its a real bad life and how would you feel

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