Doctor tries to make virus that attacks only black people: Do doctors have too much power?

  • It is important to have board approvals and law enforcement's help in place to keep doctors' power in check.

    I believe the majority of doctors today have the best interests of their patients and the public in mind. However, no matter their intentions, it is important to have safeguards in place to ensure no one doctor yields too much power. The approval of a medical review board is important to keep patients and the greater public safe from any nefarious doctors at the start, and for law enforcement to follow through with persecuting any heinous acts or intentions.

  • Doctors have too much power.

    Doctors have too much power due to the fact that they have become an almost unquestionable authority in questions of personal health. Even just suggesting that doctors agree on or recommend something causes people to behave differently and make different choices. Doctors should be more careful in things that they support or promote.

  • They are smarter than you think.

    Medical technology is changing every day. Whether or not that is a good thing is up for debate. There are times when science goes too far and most of these doctors are too concerned about if they could do something they do not stop to think if they should do something.

  • Don't blame all doctors.

    What this doctor is trying to do is reprehensible, but this does not mean that doctors have too much power. Doctors need to have power in order to save their patients. If they do not have the knowledge and resources to do this, then the patients will suffer, not just the doctors.

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